How You Can Get Glowing Skin Through Improving Your Gut Health

Did you know that your acne could be caused by an unhealthy gut? Studies have shown that if you’re having serious skin issues, it may be something deeper. Things like acne can directly correlate to your gut health.

Your gut health is extremely important to more than the digestive tract. It impacts the health of the rest of your body too, including your skin.

Keep reading to learn how your gut affects your skin and how you can get glowing skin by improving your gut health.

How Does Gut Health Affect Your Skin?

Your gut holds 70% of your whole body’s immune system. It’s a delicate balance that holds up to 1000 different types of bacteria that affect many different areas of our body, including your skin.

Your microbiome is the collection of both good and bad bacteria in your gut. It works to protect the stomach and intestinal linings from developing inflammation or infection. Inflammation of your gut will result in issues, not just in your digestive tract, but for your skin as well. This can include acne and even eczema. 

How To Improve Your Gut Health For Glowing Skin

Luckily for you, there are tons of ways you can get glowing skin from the inside out. Improving your gut health will directly reflect in your skin. This is because a healthy gut protects your bloodstream and skin from toxins that cause skin issues.

Here are some ways you can improve your gut health to get glowing skin:

♡ Get Some Probiotics

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help your whole digestive system. You can a healthy dose find probiotics in foods like yogurt, soft cheeses like brie or feta, and even in certain types of bread like sourdough.

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♡ Get Your Greens

One of the many ways that getting your greens can help you maintain a healthy gut is through a little chemical called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps plants go through photosynthesis and is a powerful tool in improving gut health to get glowing skin. You can find chlorophyll in most green vegetables, like chard, celery, spinach, and more.

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♡ Add Some Fibre

Another great way to improve your gut health is to add more fiber to your diet. Again, you can find fiber in a lot of greens like lettuce, spinach, and chard. You can also find it in oats, cereals made with bran, and fruits like berries and bananas.

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♡ Take Supplements

If you’re not getting enough vitamins in your diet to help cultivate a healthy microbiome and an overall healthy gut, you’ll want to include supplements in your diet. You can take probiotics, zinc, or supplements like Flourish, which are crafted specifically for gut health.

♡ Drink More Water

We know, you probably hear this all the time, but it is true. When you get your fill of water, it does help the body detoxify and is good for your gut, more than any other liquid on the planet. Drinking more water helps the gut flush toxins out of your system.



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