Introducing our Glamnetic Birthday 2.0 Collection

Glamnetic Birthday 2.0 Collection:

  • The world’s first 10 Circle Magnet Lashes
  • The world’s first dual ended magnetic eyeliner pen - black & brown together in one
  • Our first ever temperature color changing nails!

Get to know more about the World’s FIRST Circle PowerGrip Magnet Lashes 👇

  • No more square corners on our magnets means an even more seamless and comfortable fit! 
  • Made with 10 mini circle magnets on our Comfort Fit Lash Band
  • Circle magnets are smaller & lighter but are just as strong 💪
  • More magnets on the lash band means more increments for trimming, if needed, for your desired fit
  • Made with a unique synthetic blend of fibers to look more like real human hairs

Get to know more about the Ultimate Duo! 👇

  • Your two favorite black & brown eyeliner colors at the convenience of one dual ended pen!
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof, suitable for all day wear
  • Made with a clean formula and infused with vitamin E
  • 100% vegan & cruelty free

Get to know more about our press-on nails 👇

  • 6 new designs in our highly requested long coffin shape
  • Nails are topped with a UV finish, providing a glossy, shiny, and seamless finish
  • Made of the highest quality material to be longer lasting and durable
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks wear time
  • Style Blood Moon is our FIRST ever temperature-changing nail 😱
  • Reusable and customizable with the nail glue and double-sided nail file in the kit

Get everything from our Birthday 2.0 Collection along with our CYBER GLASSES in our PR Box!


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