Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safe?

Beauty trends come and go, but few have had quite as much staying power as false eyelashes. Maybe you could even say we’re stuck on them. Okay, we are sorry for that one, but eyelash enhancements can do so much to take your look to the next level that it’s hard not to get punny. 

You can try a more subtle, natural-looking pair for day-to-day wear (that rhymed), or go for something flirty and luscious during a night out. False lashes are versatile and beautiful. What’s not to like?

Well, in the case of glue-on false eyelashes, there can be some downsides. But what about magnetic eyelashes, AKA false eyelashes’ cool, young cousin? Magnetic eyeliner is a newer technology, so it makes sense to have some questions. We’ll delve deep into the world of magnetic eyeliner and assess if it is both safe and right for you (spoiler alert: it is!).

Magnetic Eyeliner Doesn’t Use Harmful Glues

Magnetic eyeliner is a great option for those who still love the look of dramatic, luscious lashes but don’t necessarily want all the chemicals and additives found in eyelash glue. The compounds used in traditional eyelash glues can cause allergic reactions and irritations, where magnetic lashes can be much gentler. People who are prone to these reactions are actually much better off using a magnetic eyeliner to apply their lashes, rather than a traditional lash glue.

Glue can also get into the eye and cause a super sticky situation. If that happens, by the way, be sure to rinse out your eyes with water to get the glue out safely. Thankfully, magnetic eyeliner does not pose a lot of these same problems while still providing you with the same beautiful, professional-looking result.

The Use of Magnets Is Completely Safe

Luckily, there is absolutely no reason to worry when it comes to having small magnets adhered to the eyelid. They will in no way disrupt your ability to see or do anything to negatively alter your eye’s movement. 

So while you may not choose to make placing magnets near your eyes a hobby outside of the use of magnetic eyeliner and lashes, it would be a fully safe one. Unlike knitting… so many needles.

Like You, Magnetic Eyeliner Is Easy on the Eyes

If you have ever worn glue-on eyelashes, you undoubtedly know the struggle of getting them to sit just right on your lash line. First, you have to make sure the glue is just wet enough to stick, but not slide around everywhere. Then, it’s a rush to apply them so the glue doesn’t become so dry that it can’t stick to anything. 

All the while, you’re desperately adjusting the false lashes on your eyes, trying to perfect them before time runs out. First, they’re a little too far up, then a little too far down. Whether you’re using a pair of tweezers to help your precision or just going in with some good old-fashioned finger action, there is far too much eye touching happening to be anywhere near comfortable.

These problems do not happen when using magnetic eyeliner, meaning that there’s much less potential for eye irritation. You don’t have to worry about running out of time as you do with a glue solution, as the magnets will hold strong as you adjust your lashes. Also, with the use of a magnetic eyeliner, you make a precise line exactly where you want the lashes on your eye, rather than putting glue on the lashes themselves and then trying your best to aim. 

If you begin with a pre-applied direct target that the lashes will be magnetically attracted to, you are much more likely to have your eyelashes exactly where you want them on the first application. Then, there will be minimal adjustments, if any. The less you can touch your eyes to avoid irritation or introducing any germs, the better.

Clean Your Magnetic Lashes After Wearing Them

While magnetic eyeliner is safe, there are some best practices that should be implemented to keep them that way. A huge advantage of using magnetic eyeliner instead of glue is that both your false and natural lashes do not wind up coated in any kind of sticky mess that’s hard to clean. That said, so you can prevent the spread of bacteria and just to keep your lashes looking their best, it’s definitely recommended that you wash your lashes after using them. 

This process is so much easier than trying to salvage a pair of glued-on falsies. With glue, the lashes can often end up looking warped and stuck together, as well as attracting and holding a seemingly endless amount of dirt and grime because, oh yeah, there’s glue on them. 

The process of cleaning magnetic lashes is much simpler. Just use a gentle cleanser and warm water on them to clean out any and all small pieces of debris that may be stuck in them. This process will take a lot less time than it typically does with glue-on lashes, and they’ll look good as new afterwards and be ready to reuse.

Be sure to thoroughly clean the eyeliner off of your eyes, too. You can use warm water or your favorite gentle makeup remover.

Keep Your Lashes to Yourself

We all love sharing things with our friends. Whether it is a nice meal, a favorite book or TV show, or a loving hug, the act of sharing can greatly improve a relationship. You know what you should never share, though? Your false eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner. Also, your social security number, probably. In order to keep yourself safe and protected, those are things for your eyes and your eyes only.

This practice by no means just applies to magnetic makeup, though. It is just a good, safe practice not to share anything that touches your eyes with others. Whether they’re a stranger or your best friend in the whole wide world, you don’t know exactly what those eyes have seen or where they’ve been. Because of this, it’s best to keep a variety of makeup items to yourself, like:

  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow brushes
  • Eyelash spoolies

This, of course, is not a totally comprehensive list, but it’s a start in what should remain on your face alone. Remember that when it comes to false and magnetic lashes or anything that touches your eyes, sharing is definitely not caring.

Replace Your Magnetic Eyeliner Regularly

It is really important to change to a new bottle of magnetic eyeliner regularly. In fact, it’s recommended to switch every three months in order to fully prevent bacteria from spreading. This is also the case with regular, nonmagnetic eyeliner, as well as mascara and other liquid eye products.

A Thorough Lashing

Not only is magnetic eyeliner safe, but by many metrics, it may actually be safer than traditional eyelash glue. It doesn’t have the same dangerous chemicals, making it a good option for people who have allergic reactions or experience irritation from other eyelash options.

As long as you practice regular makeup-related hygiene like not sharing your products with friends and replacing them regularly (the products, not the friends), magnetic eyeliner is just as safe as any other eye makeup. There is absolutely no issue with having small magnets applied to the eyelid, and it is actually a lot more comfortable than lash glue, especially if you’re using Glamnetic lashes.

Overall, magnetic eyeliner is a trend that’s here to stay. You could even say that it will stick around.



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