Is Magnetic Liner Needed for Magnetic Lashes?

The short answer: no. Some days you just don’t feel like applying the magnetic eyeliner, and that’s ok. You want to do the bare minimum, but you don’t want to look minimal. If you still want the look of a fabulous faux lash without the extra step of the magnetic liner, meet the lash anchor. Lash anchors gently, yet securely, hug your natural lashes to the faux lash band. This creates a firm hold for all-day magnetic lash wear.

What Is Magnetic Liner?

Magnetic lashes require magnets in order to connect to your natural lash line. Each lash band contains several tiny magnets. These tiny magnets cling to either the magnetic eyeliner, the anchor, or both. 

If you choose to apply the magnetic eyeliner, you’ll apply it just as you would your normal eyeliner. Create a cat-eye at the outer corner for a classic bold look, if you dare. Just make sure the line you create is as thick or a bit thicker than the magnets on the band. The tiny magnets will need to adhere to the liner.

Magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxide which is FDA approved for all types of makeup, including eye cosmetics. Iron oxide is non-toxic and contains magnetic properties. It’s commonly found in all types of cosmetics and sunscreens, especially those that are pigmented. While a reaction to iron oxide is uncommon, it’s not impossible.

It’s always good to swipe a small amount of the liner on your inner forearm and wait a few minutes to assure that no irritation occurs. Once your skin has given the “all-clear”, it’s time to move forward.

Gently lay the magnetic band across the line you drew by moving from the outer corner inward, and, tah dah! You’re now ready to hit the runway, or, conquer your day... or night... you get the idea! It’s really that simple. With practice, it will become even easier.

Does Magnetic Liner Come in a Kit?

Magnetic eyeliner usually comes with a lash kit, or can be purchased separately from the lashes. The liner comes in a variety of vibrant colors that are Soo Vivid!. They’ll give your eyes that stylish pop you crave. Magnetic liners have a felt tip, so it easily glides on, making it super easy to apply. 

What if you’re in a hurry and you want a look more fabulous than mascara can offer, but you don’t have time to apply the magnetic liner? Or what if your tube of the liner has run dry and you want to wear your lashes still? If you want to strut your stuff with the fluttery volume of faux lashes, you have another option: bring on the anchors. 

What Are Anchors?

Anchors are the cement in your relationship with magnetic lashes. The magnetic liner will always generously hold your lashes in place; however, the anchors provide some extra added strength and support. 

Lash anchors are tiny magnets with several strands of faux lashes attached to them. Each of these individual anchor magnets attaches to one magnet in the lash band. Generally, when using the magnetic liner, anchors are used in the inner or outer corners of the lashes to keep the lash from lifting. 

Anchors will also hold the lashes in place without the magnetic liner. Yes, you heard us right. Lash anchors will hold your magnetic lashes firmly in place without the use of magnetic liner. 

Applying the Anchors

When the magnetic liner isn’t applied, anchors can be used across the band of the false eyelash by attaching them to each magnet on the band. You can attach anchors onto as many band magnets as you feel will comfortably hold the lash band onto your natural lash line. Anchors are delicately designed so they blend well for a seamless finish. 

Gently grasp the anchor by the tiny hairs, making sure that the hairs are curling in the direction of your own lashes. Look down and upward into a mirror and place the anchor magnet underneath your natural lashes near the lash band magnet. You will feel the snap of the two magnets connecting. Your natural lashes should be sandwiched between the anchor and the faux lash band. This process may be easier if you use a lash applicator rather than your hands. 

Once your anchors have been applied, you can wear your lashes as normal for the duration of your day or night. Removal of the lashes and anchors is pretty simple.

Removing the Anchors

Anchors are easy to remove with a few easy steps:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling the lashes around your eye area. This prevents the spread of germs and bacteria into your eyes.
  • When you’re ready to remove the lashes, gently pull each anchor away from the magnetic band. As you remove the anchors, place them one by one on a clean surface until the last anchor is removed. They’re tiny so you don’t want to risk the chance of losing one.
  • Once each anchor has been removed, gently pull the lash band from your lash line beginning at one corner, continuing all the way across to the other end.
  • After removing all of the anchors and both lash bands, it’s time to clean them.

Cleaning and Storing Lashes and Anchors

Clean the anchors and lashes by dipping a Q-tip or clean Cotton Candy Pad into makeup remover or micellar water. Gently wipe against the magnets and band to remove any bacteria or makeup that may have accumulated during wear. Never use oil-based cleaners on the lashes themselves. This can damage the lashes.

Allow the anchors and lashes to dry completely before storing each one in their case. Remember to store them in a dark, dry, and cool place. By keeping the lash bands safely in their case, the lashes will hold their shape and last longer. 

Once the lashes have been stored, use a makeup remover and a clean Cotton Candy Cloth or Cotton Candy Pad to remove any excess makeup from your eyelid or natural lashes.

By keeping your lashes and tools clean, you prevent irritation and infection. With proper care, lashes can be reused up to 60 times. This will save you money in the long run.

The Finale

Magnetic lashes are fun to wear because they provide us with an extra sense of amped-up glam that we don’t possess naturally. They’re meant to enhance your natural beauty without covering it up. Lashes are easy to apply whether you use magnetic eyeliner, lash anchors, or both. Either way, the most important thing is to have fun while wearing them!

So grab your besties, your Glamnetic magnetic lashes, and a camera because you’ll be Insta ready in just a few minutes.



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