Jawline Snatching Makeup Tips to Try ASAP

In more recent years, it seems that we are all obsessing over having the perfect jawline and contouring our image to achieve that look. We've seen so many tips and tricks from our lovely beauty gurus and our favorite Celebs that just about anyone can achieve that look right at home with your regular makeup sitting in your makeup cabinet. And while creating a perfect, snatched jawline can be complex for many, we have rounded up some tips to get you feeling ferocious, ladies, so continue on reading!

Contour, Contour, Contour

You read right, cuties; a bit of contouring goes a long way to achieve that chiseled look that you're trying to get without having to do any pricey procedure. Contouring creates a shadow effect that redirects attention while creating definition wherever you please. Not sure where to start? We'll break it down for all you lovely beauties.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll want to grab your contouring product a few shades darker than your skin tone, along with a sculpting makeup brush.

Step 2: Defining your jaw

You're going to apply a small amount of contour with the minor end of your brush and go in a circular motion where your jaw meets the earlobe, right below the chin. You don't want to go too heavy with the contour product; try using just a bit, and it will get the look done without leaving your face with dark, mismatched blotches.

Step 3: Contour under the chin

Grabbing the fluffy end of your sculpting brush, you're going to start applying the contour just under your chin. You're going to want to put it in the area where it's most thick in the chin for the optimal finish.

Step 4: Get to blending

For this step, you're going to grab your fluffiest makeup brush and start blending in the contour until you reach a flawless finish. Your goal is to mix as much as possible to avoid leaving behind any harsh lines and end with a natural-looking shadow effect.

Step 5: Highlight

Highlighting is the final step for contouring to achieve that extra dimension to complete your look. You'll want to choose a lighter shade of foundation and apply it to your jawline, right above where you put the darker shade of contour. You can also add the highlighter down the middle of your nose, upper cheekbones, and eyebrow line to add the finishing touches to your look.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

As you all know, our bodies tend to hold on to excess fluid, making us appear puffy and swollen in some regions of our bodies, such as our face, legs, and hands. That said, if your face is retaining fluid, then chances are, achieving that chiseled jawline is near impossible. The great thing is that you can opt for getting a lymphatic drainage massage or do one yourself at home and save yourself a few bucks.

It's pretty simple to do; you can choose to purchase products to help you drain the excess fluid, or you can use your fingers and do it yourself. If you opt for using your fingers, you'll use your two fingers and your thumb and form a c on each hand, and you slide your fingers across your face, starting from the beginning of your cheeks until you reach the end of your cheekbones. 

You can follow the same steps for the lower part of your face, starting on your chin and sliding your fingers across your jawline. You can repeat this movement for about 15 minutes each day to reduce any swelling on your face. If you prefer to have a professional help you with this procedure, you can always research and book your appointment.


If you're not scared of needles, you can always try getting botox injections or fillers to have a positive impact on your jawline. Botox injections slim the jawline, relaxing the muscles, while the fillers help create definition in your jaw. If you choose this option as your choice, you can expect the results to last you anywhere from 3 to 8 months.

Sculpting Techniques

Several procedures can help achieve your desired jawline, such as CoolSculpting and TruSculpt ID. CoolSculpting helps destroy fat cells by freezing them, while the TruSculpt ID tightens the skin and reduces fat by radio-frequency. Other options such as Kybella help minimize the fat deposits under the chin. The procedure is through injections which can cause some minor bruising, and you can expect to see results after a few sessions.

Tightening Treatment

For those divas who aren't fans of needles, you can always opt for tightening treatments that help form a firmer neck and jawline, such as Thermage, micro-needling, and Ultherapy. Thermage is a radio-frequency treatment, while Thermage uses ultrasound technology. With micro-needling, you have the option of doing it with or without radio-frequency.

For my ladies who aren't intimidated by a bit of surgery, there is a more intense and invasive procedure such as the thread lift, where they place dissolvable threads under your skin, lifting the neck to create the appearance of a defined jawline.


So whether you choose to go for a more natural look with makeup or are in it to the fullest and desire a more permanent effect on your jawline, we hope that this list has cleared up all the choices available to all you lovely babes. Remember to always do your research before trying anything at home to ensure that it's the correct procedure for you!


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