Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

No costume? No problem! With the help of makeup, anything can happen. You can transform yourself into anything.

With these last-minute Halloween looks, you’ll fit right in at a Halloween party! No fancy Halloween makeup is required! Keep reading to see the popular last-minute Halloween makeup looks!

1.    Pretty Kitty

Transforming yourself into a cat is the easiest and most popular go-to last-minute Halloween makeup look. It’s so popular because it’s quick and easy, and all you need is some eyeliner.

Give yourself a classic cat eye with a stellar wing and extended inner corners. Grab your favorite mascara and Glamnetic’s Hello Kitty lashes to finish the eyes.

Create the nose by filling in the tip of your nose and nostrils and draw a line down to your septum. Next, add the whiskers and some freckles on your upper lip.

Now, grab some kitty ears and some cheetah print, and you’re good to go!

2.    Oh, Deer!

If you’re in a pinch for a Halloween costume, becoming a deer is easy. All you need is some bronzer, black eyeliner, and white eyeliner.

Create the doe-eyed effect on your eyes with some black liquid eyeliner and a great pair of lashes like our Lavishlashes. Next, apply some bronzer where you would normally put it, but heavier than usual.

To create the nose, grab a black liner and fill in the tip of your nose and nostrils, and draw a line down, just past your top lip.

To finish off, paint some white speckles or small circles on your cheekbones and temples. Grab a pair of Christmas reindeer antlers and head out!

3.    Vampy Babe:

Another fan-favorite that is quick and requires little effort is a vampire look. It’s extremely easy, and super sexy too! Finally, a time where minimal effort pays off!

To start, create a red or black smoky eye. Smudge out the lower lid a little extra and grab a pair of Bombshell lashes! For the lips, always go red! The closer to blood-red, the better.

To complete your vamped-out Halloween makeup look, draw a line of blood from the corner of your mouth. Now, you’re ready to knock ‘em dead (or undead). 

4.    Gothic Tears of Blood

This is another gorgeous last-minute Halloween makeup look to put together in a snap. All you need is your go-to makeup palette and some red liner. And the best part, it’s only three steps!

Start with a simple, but sultry red smoky eye with some Boss Babe lashes.  Then, with some red lip liner, draw tears of blood coming from your lower lid. Top it off with a dark lip and you’re all set!

5.    Dark Sugar Skull

This super-easy Halloween look is perfect for you if you haven’t thought about Halloween until- Well, Halloween. It’s a quick look that you can do with minimal products.

Start with a black smoky eye with a pair of Lush lashes for your eyes. Amp it up with a great wing and voluminous set of lashes.

Create the nasal cavity by filling in the tip of your nose and a bit up the bridge with a black eyeliner pencil. Now, wet a Q-tip, and remove the liner only in the middle of the bridge of your nose.

With black eyeliner, create an exaggerated smile, also lining where your lip’s part. Draw short vertical lines along your exaggerated smile to create a stitched effect.

To finish the whole look, grab an all-black outfit and hit that Halloween party!


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