Magnetic Lashes: Answering All Your Questions About the Internet’s Newest Beauty Obsession

What are magnetic lashes?

If you have an Instagram account you’ve seen magnetic lashes popping up everywhere. From your favorite influencer to your BFF, magnetic strip lashes have been reinventing the makeup game and leaving glue as a thing of the past. But, what exactly are magnetic lashes? How can you be sure that they work? 

Magnetic lashes are similar to your classic strip lashes except that they’re well….magnetic. Along the strip of the lash where you’d typically be struggling to apply a thin layer of glue, there is a line of magnets to adhere the lash quicker and easier. Magnets make for a stronger, more reliable hold than classic glue, leaving  behind all of the stickiness and frustration. The Internet’s most loved lash right now comes from Glamnetic, a female-owned start-up selling lashes with a full six magnet band that makes for some serious durability. These lashes come in dozens of different styles to flatter every shape imaginable. Natural, dramatic, and even half lash styles are available so you can feel confident and comfortable no matter your style. 

Cool, but how do I even apply them?

Lowkey the best thing about magnetic lashes is that they’re applied using a magnetic liner. This means there are no extra steps added to your makeup routine. You just apply your liner as normal and pop the lashes on. Since the liner and lash magnetize to each other you’ll never have to worry about your lashes popping out of place or falling off entirely. Whether your all in on felt tip liners or liquid brush-tip liners are more your thing, Glamnetic has both so you’re 100% in your comfort zone when applying. 

When applying, be sure to let your liner sit for a few seconds before placing the lashes down onto your lash line. This will secure the long-lasting durability of the lashes and keep them from popping up in the inner or outer corners. Be sure to gently hold the inner and outer corners down for a few seconds as well. Using these simple steps you’ll be finished applying your lashes in under two minutes! Don’t trust your fingers to do the job themselves? No worries, check out Glamnetic’s Dual Ended Tweezer, the perfect solution for precise lash application. 

So easy! But, are there any other benefits?

Besides being the easiest and quickest way to apply gorgeous faux lashes, magnetic lashes have numerous other benefits that truly make them stand out in the lash game. 

♡ Sustainability 

Unlike your average strip lashes, magnetic lashes are made to be reused. Glamnetic’s lashes can be used over 40 times just by utilizing basic lash care such as gently peeling excess makeup off of magnets and not completely submerging them in water. By doing these few simple steps you’ll be able to reuse even your favorite lash styles again and again. Even on your 20th wear of your most loved lash, the same high quality style and fullness will still be there - just like new! This is a huge bonus for times when you’re looking to save your wallet and the planet. 

♡ No Need to Rush

We all know how it goes: You planned on doing full glam and literally dreamt of how amazing tomorrow’s makeup look was going to be. That was until you woke up late, rushed through breakfast, and barely even had time to apply foundation let alone a full face of killer glam. With magnetic lashes, your eyeliner and lashes can be done in seconds and look amazing with any style of makeup from casual to full glam. 

♡ Paraben and Latex Free

Glamnetic’s magnetic lashes are both paraben and latex free! This makes gorgeous lash styles accessible to those with allergies. Excluding these ingredients often found in lash glue also stops from any irritation or swelling that could occur on and around the eye.

 Lash Stacking

Magnetic lashes can be worn in a multitude of ways, from simply enhancing your natural lashes with a variety of styles or by pairing lash styles together to create a fuller look. Lashes can be stacked by magnetizing them on top of each other. This creates a flawless look for thicker lashes or even a more defined cat eye. Achieving this style can be done best when using Glamnetic’s Pillow Talk Half Lashes, but can also be done by placing two full length lashes together. Since each lash is practically weightless, you can achieve a gorgeous look while still feeling comfortable! Try saying that about glue. (;

So, are magnetic lashes safe?

A question we should all be asking before applying anything to our eyes: is this product safe? When it comes to magnetic lashes the answer is yes! Magnetic lashes and liners are 100% safe for the eyes and are non-damaging to your natural lashes - even more so than glue actually.

Besides just being hard to apply, glue can often contain no so pretty ingredients such as cyanoacrylate and formaldehyde which can cause stinging, burning, swelling, and even a rash to the area on and around the eye. Lash glue can even cause hair loss, meaning your natural lashes could fall out over time due tension damage along the lash line. So, it’s safe to say when looking for gorgeous lash enhancements without the fear of damaging your beautiful natural lashes, magnetic is the way to go.

Even compared to lash extensions, magnetic lashes steal the show with a short application time and no tugging or pulling on your natural lashes. Extensions can be time consuming and can cause loss of your natural lashes both during and after the application process. With magnetic lashes, your natural lashes won’t be touched or effected at all thanks to the the magnetic liner! 

Ok, I can’t wait any longer.

I’ve bought magnetic lashes and have fallen in love, but now it’s time to take them off. TF do I do now?

Don’t be fooled by their long-lasting ability. Magnetic lashes provide a full day’s hold of full, fluffy lashes but are just as easy to take off as they are to apply. The best way to start your removal process is by gently peeling the lashes off starting at the inner or outer corner. Glamnetic lashes come in a reusable box with magnetic strips on the inside for your lashes to stay safe and clean until their next use. 

Now time to tackle that liner. The best solution for magnetic liner removal is a micellar water. It’s perfect for gently removing liner in a fast, non-irritating fashion. For an even quicker liner removal, the Cotton Candy Removal Pads from Glamnetic are a great sustainable and economical alternative to classic cotton balls when removing makeup after a long day.


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