2022 Summer Makeup Trend Predictions

In the happening and ever-changing beauty industry, the love of makeup and its evolving trends are the only constant parameters.

Makeup trends in 2022 will be all about bold but practical glam.

Whether you’re a TikTok influencer looking to glam up your feed or a professional beautician enhancing your client’s appearance, there’s something in store for every beauty enthusiast across the spectrum.

From bold lips to faux freckles and eye-catching eyeliners, here's a prediction of the top makeup trends for 2022 that’s bound to get everyone hooked and excited.

The No-Makeup Makeup Look

With more and more people opting for an au naturelle appearance, the natural glam look is back on the beauty bandwagon. So it’s time to let cakey foundations take a backseat and welcome tinted moisturizers and lightweight foundations.

An easily buildable light coverage, the no-makeup makeup look is effortlessly chic, effortless to achieve, and a trend for the masses. All you need are (1) your favorite foundation to smooth out your natural complexion, and (2) a hydrating moisturizer to let your skin breathe and unleash a luminous glow.

Statement Blush

A makeup trend that’s evolved over the years and is here to stay forever is blush. From lifting the apples of your cheek to framing the face, blush really gives life to your face and adds a visible glow to your features.

This season’s newest makeup trend is statement blush—the one where you've got to go bold or go home. Bright, vivid colors like punchy pink and deep peach will take center stage, while liquid and cream blushes will be picked in favor of powdered ones.

Diffused Lips

The game of lip trend will sway two ways depending on the mood and occasion. On one side, there’s a rising trend in glamourous, bold lip colors. On the other, nude, minimalistic hues mostly reserved for low-key days are not far from the lead.

A diffused lips makeup features soft stains with colors that accumulate at the center and gradually dissipate toward the edges.

Faux Freckles

Gone are the days when freckles were considered to be imperfections best left hidden or concealed under layers of foundation, or removed with lightening serums. They are now being celebrated and embraced for their beauty.

The faux freckle trend has emerged as a hotshot makeup trend that focuses on the idea of natural beauty. It involves creating tiny dots all over your face and has been taking social media by storm for promoting skin positivity.

Bold Brows

This year’s makeup trends are all about flaunting your natural beauty. Hence, full, fluffy, laminated brows are making a comeback this season. You can accentuate the look with a brow pencil to give it a fuller, defined appearance.


Embellished Eye

What’s a quick and easy way to add some zing to your makeup look? Adding some rhinestones or embellishments!

Thanks to HBO's Euphoria, eye embellishments will make a major return to fashionable makeup this season. The rhinestone-heavy makeup look is a dazzling trend that’s here to stay. Sequins and glitter, pearls and rhinestones, you name it! People are finding unique ways to bedeck their eyes.

And the best part? You can add them anywhere—on or under your eyelids, sprinkled over your face, or even on your lips! This is an uber-cool beauty trend that can make you look dazzling within minutes!

Neon Eyeliner and Eyeshadows

Eyeliners and eyeshadows glossed in bold neon colors are a top beauty trend to watch out for in 2022. Intense and radiant, neon colors can add a punch of beauty to your gorgeous eyes and can be an excellent choice of wear for a date night in a club.

You can choose to wear neon eyeliners without eyeshadows as that can be a whole makeup look on its own. Keep the color simple or loud, the choice is yours.

Glitter and Glam

Love glam, glitz, and all things glitter? Then this makeup is bound to make your day!

The glitter makeup look is a transformative style that can effortlessly lift a plain Jane face into something undeniably sassy. Whether it's shimmering eyeshadows visible from a mile away, a subtle-layered glimmer atop a vibrant shade of eyeshadow, a pinch of shine on the cheeks, or a defining eyeliner topped with eye-catching glitter.

Negative Space Eyeliner

If you’re bored of the classic cat-eye or winged eye and are looking to switch things up, here’s your chance to experiment. Negative space eyeliners are all the rage in the beauty space today!

While the standard cat-eye flick is drawn close to the eyelashes, in negative space eyeliner, there’s a blank space between the eyelashes and the outside edge of your flick.

As opposed to traditional eyeliners, it's a cat-eye that hasn't been filled in. This makeup style offers more chances for you to experiment and easily clean up the mistakes.

Red Accents

While nothing can beat the ravishing beauty of red lips, a new makeup trend that’s on the rise is red accents on the eyes. Variations include sensuous cat-eye, a red floating liner, and subtle red swipes across the lids. Red accents are a classy and chic style to sport and a sure-shot head-turner.

Glossy Lips

Another beauty trend that’s also a fun way to add texture and taste to your makeup is glossy lips!

It’s a simple trend that doesn’t require much energy, effort, or products. Just apply a heavy coat of tinted lip oil over your lipstick or use a dedicated lip gloss with a touch of shimmer and pigment.

Flaunt Your Lashes and Make a Splash

We at Glamnetic don’t believe makeups are a mere tool for concealing your flaws or suppressing your perceived imperfections. Rather, it’s an open space for self-expression and a medium for people to let their creativity and individuality shine through.

The makeup trend predictions for this year are an amalgamation of character, creativity, confidence, and charisma. And what better way to add an extra touch of oomph to your chic look than false eyelashes?

Whether you decide to go for a minimalist look or prefer an uber-chic style, pairing them with pretty lashes is a hassle-free way to enhance your final effect and turn heads everywhere!

Check out Glamnetic’s exciting range of funky faux eyelashes that can help you make a splash!


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