Makeup Trends For Your Valentine’s Day Look

Do you have a romantic rendezvous with your sweetheart? Going for a night on the town with all of your girlfriends?

No matter what you’re doing this Valentine's Day, you want to make sure you look good. Whether you like red carpet looks or you like it more natural, we’ve got the best makeup trends for Valentine's Day. Keep reading to get inspired for your Valentine’s day look!

Soft Glam

A fan favorite makeup trend for Valentine's Day is the soft glam look. Start with a subtle neutral smoky eye, complete with some Glamnetic eyelashes for extra effect.

Pair your soft glam eye makeup with nude or slightly pink lipstick. It’s subtle, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless! Take this look all the way by giving your hair a voluminous blowout.

Sultry Full Glam

Nothing says love like going all out. Whether you’re doing it for yourself, or to go out with your significant other, all eyes will be on you with your full glam look. Go with a bold, sultry smoky eye with vibrant colors.

Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and glitter for that extra special touch. And for added drama, top it off with your favorite pair of long lashes and a dark red lip. Finish it all by giving your hair voluminous curls.

Touch Of Pink

This is Valentine's Day makeup trend is simple and oh, so sweet! If a full face feels like too much, try a more natural look instead. Look perfectly flush and flawless with a natural face and a touch of pink on your eyelids and top it off with a pink lip gloss.

Take it up a notch with a baby pink blush and a pearl highlighter! For your hair, loose or natural curls are best to complement this makeup look.


Classic Winged Liner And A Red Lip

There is no Valentine's Day Makeup trend quite like the classic pairing of winged eyeliner and a bold red lip. It’s a statement look that is as timeless as the little black dress.

All you need for this look are two things: black eyeliner and lipstick. And maybe some cat-eye lashes just to be extra! You can give your hair a retro vibe or pull it back in a neat bun! It’s up to you!

Sunset Eyes and A Red Lip

There’s nothing more romantic than the colors of a sunset. Bring some of that to your date with a sunset-colored eye look topped off with a sleek liner, your go-to lashes, and a red lip.

This Valentines Day makeup trend is complimentary to all eye colors but gives hazel and brown that special vibrancy and pop we’re all looking for! Put your hair up to show this makeup look in all its glory!

Peachy Shadow And A Pink or Nude Lip

For the blue or green-eyed girls, it’s all about being peachy-keen. This soft orange makes blue and green eyes POP and sparkle, which is sure to leave your date at a loss for words.

Top it off with a soft pink or nude lip and go for a similar tone peach blush or highlighter for an added glow! You don’t even have to line your eyes! Put some curls in your hair to really spice up this look.



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