Press-On Nail Brand Showdown! Who's Are The Best?

It’s high noon in the beauty world, and we’re putting some of the top nail brands up to the test against Glamnetic press-on nails.

Today, we’re comparing Glamnetic and other press-on nail brands in 4 different criteria: strength and durability, length of wear, sizing, and style choices.

Who will win the quick draw? Keep reading to find out!

Strength & Durability

Let’s face it. Press-on nails have never had a reputation of being rock-hard. But, they should at least be able to withstand a little bit of force. After all, we use our hands for everything!

To test each nail brand, we did the “pinch” test. Every single nail we tested was thin, flimsy, and easily broken. Which brand is the only one strong enough to withstand the pressure? Glamnetic, babe! Our nails are hard as rocks. Go ahead and do your laundry, give your dog a good back scratch. These babies aren’t coming off.  

Length Of Wear

Normally, press-on nails like the ones from Kiss or Helios aren’t known for lasting a long time, like acrylics. Many of the press-on nails that we tested were pre-glued, which never last for more than a night. 

Even with glue, you might get a week out of some of these brands. Or even less, if you wash your hands a lot. 

BUT, with Glamnetic’s nail kits, you get a full 3 weeks of wear without worrying about them popping off! Plus, all of our nails are reusable!

Size & Customizability

One downfall of most press-on nail kits is that they come in certain sizes. And often, they aren’t easy to trim or file down to get a good fit, being so thin and brittle.

Out of all the nails we tested, we couldn’t quite find a perfect fit with any of them. Some were so small, that they should have been labeled, “children’s use only”.  

But unlike all the rest, Glamnetic’s nails are not only in a realistic range of sizes, but they’re totally customizable too! You can cut them and file them as you please!  

Colors & Style Choices

With all the press on nail brands out there, you’d think there would be more styles to choose from. But unfortunately, most of these brands are out there offering the same old thing.

Drug store shelves are full of the same three styles: French manicures, full red glam, and nude. Not that those aren’t great styles, but don’t you want something a little more exciting?

Glamnetic offers over 41 individual styles plus 16 gorgeously curated collections with multiple styles! Check out all of our cool colors and designs to choose your favorite today.

Conclusion: Go With Glamnetic!

After all of the tests, the clear winner is Glamnetic. Sure, you can say we’re biased. But just like Shakira’s hips, the proof don’t lie!

See the evidence for yourself when you get a set of Glamnetic press-on nails! When you sign up for our newsletter, you can even get yourself a discount!


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