Nail the Perfect At-Home Manicures With These Easy Steps

Whether you have a nail appointment or roll the dice and walk-in, visiting a nail salon can be distressing. From waiting your turn to dealing with annoying  "eww! You bit your nails?" questions, some of us would rather not have them done.

But who wants to be caught with no manicures done? Definitely not us! That's why we are so thankful for the timely intervention that press-on nails are.

In the world of ease and comfort, press-ons are fast becoming king. Think about it— no more missing out on Netflix time to meet up with a nail appointment. And you don’t have to sit in discomfort while your nails get filed away! 

But more than just adding glue to your nail collection, learning to fix them on like a pro makes all the difference.

Want to get the "no way these are press-ons" gasps from friends, colleagues, and even strangers? Then, discover the best ways to fix salon-standard manicures in the comfort of your home. We'll show you.

Why Glue-On Nails are Perfect For You

There are a thousand and one more reasons why you should ditch your nail appointment and rock press-ons instead:

There's an Ideal Press-On For Everyone

Life is too short to wear boring nails! Whatever your idea of fun nails is, there's always a ready-made glue-on suited perfectly to your taste. From beautiful nail art designs to bright and glamorous colors in the ideal shapes and sizes, press-on nails got your back!

You Get To Save More Money

Getting your nails done professionally can cost up to $60 and even more.  But with press-ons, you can have your dream nails on for less than $20. Who doesn't love to save some extra cash?

No More Damaged Nails

Having artificial nails doesn't mean we want our natural nails looking all weak and brittle. But we've all seen the damage that gel polish and acrylics can cause to our nails.

With glue-ons, your real nails are perfectly safe underneath with no discoloration or funny looks when they come off.

Super-Duper Easy and Fast

Whether you want to apply or remove them, press-on nails are easy. With press-ons, you can get your manicure done in less than 10 minutes. Just get the correct nail accessories for a seamless application, and you're good to go. You can even apply them on the move!

How To Make Your Press-Ons Stay On

No doubt, acrylic nails last longer than press-ons. But your glue-ons can last two weeks or more if you know how to apply them properly.

Here's how to make your press-on nails look like acrylics and last long:

Don't Skip Nail Prep

One mistake many people make when fixing press-ons is neglecting nail prep. Don't do that. Preparing your nails ensures that they last longer and prevents them from lifting.

For a proper nail prep, start by using a buffer to buff the back of the press-ons lightly. Next, push your cuticles back and finish up with an alcohol wipe.

Be Sure To Wear The Correct Sizes

Fixing ill-fitting nails is the same as putting round pegs in square holes. They wouldn't stay on even if you press very hard.

Selecting the correct nail sizes makes them look natural. So, always check that you're wearing the perfect sizes for each finger.

You can test the press-ons till you find your fit. Our press-on nails have numbers at the back to guide your selections.

Eliminate Air Pockets

One of the biggest threats to perfectly-done nails is air bubbles. They trap moisture and make your nails fall off sooner than you expect. To get rid of them, apply glue to the center of your nail bed and the press-ons. Then press hard for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Change The Game With Press-On Nails By Glamnetic

While the DIY  manicure tips do work, there's nothing compared to shopping quality press-ons. Fake things don't last long, no matter how hard you try — especially inferior-quality artificial nails.

That's why choosing premium Glamnetic press-ons that stick better and last up to three weeks per wear is always a  wise decision. Even if you work jobs that are hard on your nails, our ready-to-fix nails are equal to the task.

With Glamnetic nails, there's no way anyone would guess they're press-ons. They are waterproof, chip-resistant, and don't fade off quickly. Just glue, press, and look like you spent a million bucks on your manicures.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop your favorites on the website ASAP before they sell out.


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