Freckle Filter: Our NEW Faux Freckle Product

Always aiming to create the most innovative products, Glamnetic is excited to launch our new and exclusive Freckle Filter! This Freckle Filter is perfect for creating a seamlessly fresh-faced freckled look, and offers a super long-lasting and buildable formula – designed with every skin tone in mind! Featuring a fool-proof brush applicator tip, it allows you to recreate the most perfectly imperfect freckles – so no one will ever know they’re faux!  


Pick from 2 shades perfect for all skin tones:

🧡 Soft Cocoa (for Light to Medium skin)

🤎 Deep Cocoa (for Medium to Dark skin)

What sets Freckle Filter apart?

☀️ Buildable formula - you can achieve the most natural look with different shades of freckles by simply leaving the product on for just a few seconds in certain spots and the pigment is formulated to be buildable

☀️ Paraben/Phthalates free

☀️ Always 100% vegan & cruelty-free!


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