Removing Your Fake Eyelashes Can Be Easy With Glamnetic

It’s not difficult to remove false eyelashes if you know the right way to do it. 

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the removal of false eyelashes. Some people think that wearing or removing fake lashes will make their natural lashes fall out, while others may say that false lashes are not safe to wear around your eyes. The opposite is true. 

We’re going to tell you how to apply, remove, and care for your lashes safely and easily right here.

False Lashes 101

False lashes are one of the biggest game-changers for a new look or dramatic eye style. They can really amp up not only your look but your attitude as well. 

There aren’t a whole lot of rules when it comes to wearing falsies, and they’re all about helping you express yourself. Just follow some basic steps to ensure you’re keeping your eyes healthy and your lashes clean. Let’s get started.

Lash Application Tools

There are a few tools that will help make the lash application process a little easier. Some of these are optional.

  • Magnetic Liner: This is used to adhere the lashes to your lash line. It can also help you majorly enhance your look with the perfect flick! 
  • Lash Applicator: A lash applicator will help you grasp the lashes tightly when applying them. This tool is optional, but it’s definitely helpful if you’re applying lashes for the first time. 
  • Mini Scissors: Use these if the lashes need to be trimmed to fit your eyes.
  • Eyelash Curler: Use this tool to curl your lashes before you apply the false ones. This will help your natural lashes blend in even better with your falsies. 

How to Apply False Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are considered the safest type of false lash available today. The magnetic eyeliner that is required to adhere the magnetic lashes to your lash line contains iron oxide

Iron oxide has magnetic properties that cause the magnetic lashes to adhere into place on your lash line effortlessly. It works almost like magic, and the lashes literally jump onto your eyes! 

Applying magnetic lashes is much easier than using any other type of lashes. They take just a few minutes to apply, and there are no sticky glues to handle. Once you’ve chosen the perfect set of lashes for your eye shape, it’s time to get those bad boys onto your eyes.

  1. Begin by shaking the magnetic liner tube for about 10 seconds. Shaking will help mix the magnetic molecules.
  2. Apply the liner to your upper lash line. Make sure to create a line that is as thick as the magnets on the lash band. That will ensure a firm magnetic grip.
  3. Allow the liner to set until it’s about 80% dry. It will feel tacky to the touch, but it should not transfer to your finger.
  4. Carefully lay the magnetic lashes onto the liner, beginning at the inner corner. The lashes will attach quickly, almost jumping onto your eyes like magic.
  5. If the lashes are not appropriately positioned the first time, gently lift the lash band by the lash fibers and readjust.

That’s all there is to it. It’s an effortless application, requiring no messy glues! 

Lash Removal Tools

These tools will help make the removal process run smoothly. Although most of them are optional, they are definitely helpful if you struggling with taking off your lashes. As always, make sure your devices are clean before using them. 

  • Tweezers: Tweezers help grasp the lashes when you are removing and cleaning them.
  • Cotton Candy makeup remover pads and cloths help you clean the lash band and your eyes after removing the lashes. These cloths can also be used to cleanse and exfoliate your face—bonus!
  • Micellar water or oil-free makeup remover: Use this to clean the lash band and your lash line. Always use an oil-free option to avoid damaging your lashes.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Best of all, removing them doesn’t damage your natural lashes, and it isn’t painful. 

Magnetic lash sets are designed to be worn all day, up to 10 hours. When you’re ready to remove the lashes, follow these steps:

  1. Look into a mirror and carefully grab the outer corner of the lash fibers.
  2. Pull upward and gently peel them off, moving toward the inner corner of the eye.
  3. Repeat the process on the other eye.

It’s that simple. Once your magnetic lashes are removed, it’s time to clean and store them.

How to Clean Your Magnetic Lashes

Cleaning your magnetic lashes is super important. Not only does it keep your eyes from becoming irritated, but it also prolongs the number of wears you get out of your lashes. 

Remember that oil-free makeup remover or micellar water are the only types of cleaners you should use on your delicate lashes. Oil-based removers will break down the lashes and cause premature lash fiber shedding, which is the opposite of what we want.

  1. Wash your hands and work with one lash band at a time.
  2. Spritz micellar water or oil-free makeup remover onto a makeup remover pad and gently rub the lash band to loosen debris.
  3. Pick off any dried magnetic liner lingering on the lash band with tweezers and clean again with your micellar water or oil-free makeup remover. Be careful not to get your lashes wet.
  4. Store your dry lashes in their original case in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to rock them again.

Safe Practice Checklist for False Lashes

False eyelashes are fun to wear, but along with those powerful lashes comes some powerful responsibility. There are just some basic practices to keep in mind while you are wearing those fabulous lashes.

  1. Do not touch your lashes without washing your hands first. Your hands carry germs that can spread to your eyes if your hands aren’t clean.
  2. Never use oil-based cleansers near your delicate lashes. 
  3. Avoid getting your lashes wet. They are waterproof, but if they get wet repeatedly, it can lead to premature shedding or misshapen lashes. 
  4. Always store your lashes in a cool, dry area. This storage will prevent the spread of bacteria.
  5. Don’t share or swap your falsies with your bestie. Doing so will lead to the spread of germs and bacteria and a high chance of an eye infection.
  6. Don’t share magnetic eyeliner with your besties, either, for the same reason.
  7. Avoid applying magnetic liner and magnetic lashes in a moving vehicle. It can lead to some seriously unfortunate accidents. 
  8. When in doubt, throw it out. Expired cosmetics, especially eye products, have a high risk of causing infection if the product is old. 

Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

Glamnetic magnetic lashes are waterproof, latex-free, and take only a few minutes to apply. They can be reused again and again as long as you keep them clean and stored properly.

Glamnetic has designed lashes for every eye shape. They come in natural styles and full-on dramatic ones. Our magnetic lashes are available in mink and vegan materials, so there’s something for everyone. 

One of the most fun things about Glamnetic is the magnetic liner. They come in the usual black and brown, but they’re also available in pink, green, purple, blue, orange, and red! You can mix and match or layer them for your own unique design. BTW, bold eye colors are on-trend for the fall 2021 season! 

Wrapping It Up

False lashes don’t have to be painful to remove, and they don’t need to damage your natural lashes. Glamnetic is here to help you wear and remove those glamorous lashes without a care in the world. 


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