Summer Nail Trends You Need To Try!

It's summertime again, and we are so pumped!

If every fun lover had a dollar for everything they love about summer, we'd all be billionaires! Let's see, is it the warmness of feeling sunshine on your face, fresh air, strawberries, summer clothes, or the smell of freshly cut grass? 

If you're an explorer, summer is just perfect for adventures, picnics in the park, an exciting time at the beach, and many more. Or maybe you just love the refreshing feeling of a cold drink on a hot day or not having to wear thick clothing? The point is, regardless of your personality, summer is everyone's best friend, and there's something to look forward to.

For us at Glamnetic, it's the fact that we get to ditch dull nails and explore bright colors to match summer vibes. As fashionistas and divas, summer is when we really get to shine. We are going to make excellent use of it, one summer nail trend at a time.

Summer Nail Colors To Try

Let's get right to it, the perfect nail colors for an exhilarating summer:

  • Natural Shades 

Natural shades have a way of staying relevant all season. They go with every occasion and choice of clothing. Natural is the go-to for when you want to play it safe.

  • Mulberry 

Need something more colorful than neutral but also not too bold? Then we can swear by the splashy subtleness of mulberry. Mulberry also suits many other summer colors and gives you the confidence you need for the season. 

  • Candy Pink 

Exude femininity and explore your sensuality with candy pink. This is the perfect nail color for romantic getaways and date nights.

  • Orange 

A color to match the glistening sunset? Yes, please! Orange also signifies creativity and warmth. This nail color will make your nude, beige, black, and white clothings pop. Want to go bold this summer? Then orange is your color.

  • White 

White is classic and looks hot, especially if you have a neutral pink undertone. Easy to pull off and best matched with bold printed dresses, this is the perfect color for a long, hot summer.

Top 8 Ultimate Summer Press-On Nails for an Easy DIY Manicure

All thanks to press-ons, you don't have to visit your nail salon anytime you need to explore a summer trend. Talking about summer nail trends, these are the best 8 ones to try: 

  • UV Rays Long Coffin 

Neon yellow tips with a semi-transparent base,  nothing matches summer's stimulating energy than UV Rays long coffin press-ons. It's going to be your new all-time favorite.

  • Light Beam Long Coffin

What's more beautiful than two shades of pink contrasting? We know; two pink pastels in long coffin press-ons. Light Beam long coffin with hot pink tips and semi-transparent glossy finish blends into your natural nails to give you that effortless slay. Ain't no nail badder!

  • Ma Damn Short Pointed Coffin 

Ma Damn short pointed coffin press-ons with white French tip and natural finish will take your summer slay game from zero to a hundred real quick.

  • Sprinkles Short Pointed Almond 

A pop of vibrant colors with a UV finish and semi-transparent look? Then come right this way for a Sprinkles short pointed almond treat. 

  • Purpsicle Long Coffin 

Purpsicle long coffin nail's creamy pink-nude base with rich lavender French tips is summer nails for days. Fun, classy, and chic, these nails are trendy for summer.

  • Wild Card Short Pointed Almond

Go wild and adventurous with this one. Wild card short pointed almonds are for fun lovers with no cares in the world. The lovely blend of artsy designs in pink, purple, and green hues screams, "I'm down for a great time this summer."

  • Spotted Long Coffin

Surely, you didn't think we were putting the classic nail art off this list, did you? Not in a thousand years. Add some character to your neutral nails with leopard print French tips. You'll love the gorgeousness of this Spotted long coffin press-ons.

  • Blood Moon Long Coffin 

If you are up for compliments and lots of attention this summer, then get the spotlights on you with Blood Moon long coffin nails. We'll let this magical beauty speak for itself.

Get Your Summer Glitz on Point With Quality Nails From Glamnetic

There are so many things to be thankful for this summer. From the cloudless blue skies to longer days and shorter nights and everything in between, summer makes everyone happier. If you wish to go with the summer flow, you can start by exploring the nail trends above.

What's your preference? Long or short coffin, long, medium, or short pointed almond? Regardless of your style, we've got the perfect summer nails to suit your personality. Dive right into our website for more inspiration.


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