Sweet Talk Magnetic Half Lash Collection

Glamnetic is launching our most innovative Magnetic Lashes yet. Introducing our Patent-Pending Invisible Magnet Technology! We’ve taken physical magnets off the lash band and infused the lash band with magnetic properties. The result is a lash band completely free of magnets that provide the most seamless and comfortable fit yet! We’re releasing this technology in 4 gorgeous half lash styles that will compliment any eye shape. 

Get the Sweet Talk look:

🎀Darling - Short Cat-Eye (5mm-10mm) 

🎀Precious - Short Cat-Eye (6mm-12mm) 

🎀Sugar - Medium Cat-Eye (7mm-14mm) 

🎀Sweetheart - Medium Cat-Eye (10mm-14mm) 

What makes Sweet Talk so special:

New Patent-Pending Invisible Magnet Technology means no more magnets glued to the lash band! The magnetic properties are infused in the lash band.

No visible magnets on the lash band ensures a seamless fit, and complete customization if trimming is needed. 

Your half lashes are long lasting and durable, with the ability to wear each pair up to 40 times with proper care.

Made with high quality Korean synthetic fibers.

Comfortable fit and a seamless blend with your natural lashes

Water and sweat resistant.

✨ 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

⭐ Launching Thursday 2/3/22 at 10 AM PST ⭐

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