Take Cue From Gen Z and Try These 5 Beauty Trends

From winning on TikTok to inspiring inclusive beauty trends, Gen Z continues to disrupt every industry in the most aspirational way possible. Free-spirited and soulful, Gen Z are rebels with a cause.

That’s why we heart Gen Z.

Out of the million things that we wish we could do the Gen Z way, we thought beauty trends would be a great start. Today we’re taking a leaf out of Gen Z’s lookbook and decoding these 5 beauty trends for our fam.

We sure wanna wear them in 2022. Would you?

Gen Z’s Top 5 Beauty Picks for 2022

Not gonna lie. Picking only the top 5 from Gen Z’s sea of beauty trends was harder than we thought it would be. So, we just went with the ones we personally loved the most. Here are our favorites:

1.    Faux Freckles, Because Marks Are Beautiful

A quintessential “no makeup, makeup” look, we’re head over heels in love with faux freckles. You might have seen Instagram influencers using everything from henna to eye shadow, eyeliner, and other ingenious hacks to create freckles on their face. And we adore every single one of them.


Because the faux freckles trend celebrates “imperfections” as a source of beauty. No longer considered a flaw that needs to be concealed, faux freckles are breaking age-old beauty stereotypes in style.

No wonder it is one of the hottest trends of our times!

And we have all got to thank Gen Z for single-handedly making freckles a mainstream phenomenon.

Want faux freckles but can’t decide between brown or black? How about both? Check out our Soo Future Ultimate Duo eyeliner. You’ll absolutely love the soft cocoa kisses on your cheeks!

Fun fact: Did you know that celebrities like Ashley Graham, Demi Lavato, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kylie Jenner proudly flaunt their natural freckles? And we adore them to bits for it!

2.    Black Lipstick, For The Ultimate Boss Lady Vibe

Ever since our favorite celebrity pop star Rihanna donned her black lipstick, Gen Z made it their own, creating smashing looks on TikTok. Not only did Clinique’s Black Honey sell out, brands like Sephora and others too saw their black lipsticks fly off the shelves. 

We, too, are smitten with the trend!

Full black lips may have been a 90s cult classic. But it is Gen Z who has turned it from a grunge staple to a statement look that anyone can don with equal swag. It was a natural choice for us - we love it when beauty goes big and bold!

So, celebrate your inner goddess and paint your lips black! We know we definitely are.

3.    Curtain Bangs, Because Retro Is Cool

We mean, who can possibly dislike curtain bangs, eh? We’re so grateful to Gen Z for bringing this hairstyle from the 60s and 70s back with a bang (pun intended)! It makes it to our list because curtain bangs are deceptively simple but mind-bogglingly versatile. Just think of Dakota Johnson’s hairstyles, and you’d know exactly what we are talking of.

The best part is that you can give yourself curtain bangs at home. No need to hit the salon and spend a few extra dollars. Just look up a Brad Mondo tutorial on YouTube, and you’re sorted.

Pair your curtain bangs with a sunkissed faux freckles look, and you’ll be all set to rock the summer.

4.    Face Gems - Because Unconventional Is Fun

From crystal-lined eyelids to lips encrusted with pearls, face gems have been a massive hit with Gen Z. We totally get why. Adorning your face with rhinestones and pearls takes courage — it’s fresh, it’s unconventional, and it’s fabulous!

For Gen Z, makeup is more a form of self-expression than a contrived way of masking flaws. The face gems trend is proof.

We are completely behind this trend because, well, we believe in beauty that celebrates individuality.

And what could be more strikingly unique than artistically planted gems on your face, right?

If you want to try it out, we highly suggest going for the crystal eye look to warm yourself up. Once you get the charm of face gems, go all the way like Grimes or Amanda Gorman. We promise you. You’re gonna love every bit of it!

5.    Lip Contouring, Cuz’ Lips Don’t Lie

Contouring your face is passé. It’s all about lip contouring now - another Gen Z trend we totally upvote! It’s creative, it gives you the pillowy lips of your dreams, and you don’t need chemical fillers for it. That’s why it is a win-win for us.

So take a cue from your favorite Instagram influencer (we’re sure you have a few) and get contouring. Whether you want natural-looking lips with a healthy glow or want to go bold with rich color, lip contouring is a technique you can trust. Make sure to exfoliate, moisturize, and pamper your lips before you start the routine.

Pro tip: Start by overlining your lips with a lip liner that matches your skin tone. Instead of overlining it too much, take it one millimeter at a time. Don’t forget to dab a little bit of your favorite highlighter over your Cupid’s bow, and you’ll be all set.

And if you’ve had a bit of an oops moment? Keep the Soo Clean! Duo makeup removed pen handy.

That’s it for this list. Go try these beauty trends as we fangirl over Gen Z some more.

Wrapping It Up

As Charlotte Delobelle from Fashion Snoop puts it, “Generation Z has really shifted the beauty industry into an emotional industry.”[1We couldn’t agree more. As the trends listed above indicate, Gen Z is all about beauty with a purpose. If not for anything else, we’ll try out these trends sheerly for the joy of it all.

Which Gen Z beauty trend do you like the most? Don’t forget to share your stories with us. Do DM us your pictures if you try out any of these trends. We’re sure it’ll look stunning on you.


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