Thanksgiving Makeup Inspiration

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays where we get the chance to look fancy and elegant while we indulge in delicious home-cooked meals with our loved ones. It's a great holiday to take out your makeup and experiment looks that you've always wanted to try but felt nervous in executing. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, my lovely fellow beauty gurus, we have come up with ten stunning thanksgiving makeup that you'll want to try this holiday!

Beautiful Brown Smokey Eye

If you thought smokey eyes were only for late nights and dates, think again! You definitely can up your confidence this holiday season and step out of your comfort zone by implementing a show-stopping smokey eye to your look. 

For this dramatic look, you'll want to grab a dark brown shade and dust under your eye for that extra smokey look. 

Add a bit of boldness with glitter

For those who aren't afraid of being the talk at the dinner table, you can bring the fall colors with you as you add some orange-toned glitter to your eyelids. Now we know nothing completes the bold look more than adding a sexy cat-eye liner to complete your look. Go ahead, diva's, own this Thanksgiving!

Bringing some brightness to your eyes

We all know how sleepy we get after a big Thanksgiving meal, so why not appear to look wide awake and refreshed with a bit of help from your makeup! The best way to get the wide-eye look is to add a lighter shade to your inner eyes to make your eyes pop.

You can choose to add colors such as white, silver, gold, or champagne to bring out that inner glow that's ready to come out.

Sophisticated Emerald

Now, I know what you're thinking, green isn't a color that you think you can pull off, so why try it on a holiday where you'll see all your family? The shade of green is highly underrated, and the holidays are a perfect time to try the look.

You can pair the shade with brown in the crease as these two colors merge beautifully and finish it off with a bold winged liner.

Include all the Fall colors

A great way to stand out from the rest of the table is by combining all the typical fall colors to your eyes. Start with a burgundy base, add an orange crease, and finish it off with a golden shade in the inner eyes to make them pop. This look is not only stunning, but it's a unique way of bringing the holidays into your makeup look.

Golden Goddess 

If you want to look gorgeous and elegant without worrying about what colors match, always opt for gold tones! Gold shades work on just about any skin tone. You can add brown tones and orange tones on the crease to create a more subtle look. Don't be scared to throw in a sexy liner to create that sultry look.

Smokey Oranges

Blending orange tones with maroons this Thanksgiving will not be hard to do; anyone can achieve this look, and your family will be impressed by your makeup talent, seeing the flawless results accomplished. We won't tell on you, so go ahead and flaunt your talent this holiday season!

Add some red wine to your eyes, along with your glass 

Who thought wine only belonged inside of your glass cup? You can pair your lovely wine in your hands by adding deep purple shades as well as dark red tones to achieve a stunning look that you can rock throughout fall. You can add more to the look by adding a touch of gold or bronze to your lower lashes. These tones look beautiful, especially on brunettes.

Pearly Orange tones

If you're thinking of using orange shades this Thanksgiving, you can spruce the look by adding a dab of a pearl tone right in the middle of your lids, as well as adding a touch of pearl to the inner eye to make them pop. Adding that touch of pearl to your look will automatically draw attention to your eyes, making everyone at the dinner table think you're a pro at applying makeup!

Dramatic Maroon look

For all you feisty divas who aren't intimidated by bold colors, this look is perfect for you! You start by grabbing a maroon shade and adding the smokey effect using a black shadow. You can then complete this bold look by adding a stunning cat-eye liner, and if you're thinking of busting out all the stops, go ahead and throw on some fake lashes.

My go-to lashes for this look are Glamnetic's Luxe long cat eyelashes. They complete the makeup look and make you feel like you dominate every room that you step in. 


Don't be scared to explore endless possibilities this Thanksgiving and achieve that look you have wanted to pull off. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Beauties! 


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