“That Girl” Press-On Nails You Need

 One thing that is really hot on social media is the “That Girl” trend. This trend is a living vision board, turning dreams into action, and looking damn good while doing it. There are TikToks, Instagram posts, and Pinterest boards dedicated to the “That Girl” aesthetic.

“That Girl” is a term for being primped, polished, and perfectly put together. This isn’t just an aesthetic, but a whole lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that revolves around wellness and nature, which is why the aesthetic has so many earthy tones and neutrals.

Being “That Girl” means healthy eating and exercising, and always looking your best. And nothing makes you feel your best like a perfect manicure. That’s why we’ve got the “That Girl” nails you need to complete this aesthetic.  

1. Au Natural

There’s nothing more classic and natural than the evergreen French manicure. Get this look in three different styles with Glamnetic’s 3 French many styles.

  1. Ma Damn: short, pointed almond shape

  2. Crème De Nude: long, coffin-shape

  3. So Classy: long, coffin-shape

2. Dressed In White

Nothing says perfectly polished like a fresh, clean, white manicure. Get your choice of two sizes in white to add to your “That Girl” with:

  1. Angel: short almond-shaped nails

  2. I Do: long coffin-shaped nails

3. Moonlit Madness

A step up from plain white, pearl white has a finish that reflects different colors when exposed to light. You can get yours right here with our Moonlight nail set.

4. In The Nude

There’s nothing more neutral than nude and beige tones. It’s simple, earthy, and oh so classy! Get yours today with our Exposed long coffin-shaped nails.

5.  Neutrals & Marbled Metallics

This look blends more than one natural element earth, stone, and gold, baby!. You get an earthy neutral brown and gold marbling for your ring finger. Get this “That Girl” aesthetic right now with our Gold Truffle nail set.

6.  Spice It Up

Cinnamon is a warmer brown tone that looks great, anywhere, any day! Our Sugar and Spice nail kit takes this to another level with an added heart design.

7. Cocoa Cowgirl

What’s more natural than the outdoor life of a cowgirl? The color pairings are perfect for the “That Girl” aesthetic.  Get a double dose of these “That Girl” nails with our Chocolate Milk and Strawberry Milk nail sets.

8.  Espresso Yourself

A really simple way to get “That Girl” nails and still be creative is to take that French mani up a notch with colored tips. You can get these “That Girl” nails with our French Press nail set with the perfect shade of coffee brown.

9.  Pretty Kitty

You didn’t think we could mention one kind of animal print without mentioning leopard print. Of course not! Be “That Girl” with our Spotted nail kit.

10.  Lilac Fields

The “That Girl” aesthetic doesn’t say you can’t have a little color. These “That Girl” nails are subtle and a natural shade of purple like lilacs. Get this look with our Aura nail set. You can also get a full dose of this lovely shade with our Nova nail kit.


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