The Top 10 Essential Sunscreens For 2021!

It has never been so fashionable to have a great sunscreen, not to mention essential too! Sunscreen is something you should not skip on those summer days! Come to think of it, sunscreen is essential even on those days when there is no visible sun beyond the clouds. There are some really critical considerations to make when you choose the proper protection for your precious skin.

What Is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is an essential part of your beauty routine! And regardless of skin color or type, the higher the SPF, the better! This is a non-negotiable layer of essential protection to all of those areas of your skin that should absolutely be protected from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. And this means all over!

Sunscreen can be found in many disguises, from sprays to creams and fluids, and can even be seen as a component in a lot of makeup-based products; however, makeup that has added SPF in them should not be used alone, as there is little to no absorbancy into the underlying dermal layers of the skin. 

There is so much sunscreen variety on the market these days because it is essential to your routine. Hence, the industry recognizes that there has to be something for everyone!

Even when you think it is not a particularly sunny day, you should always apply sunscreen to avoid those harmful rays penetrating your dermal layers and causing irreversible damage, sometimes even illness and disease.

Things you should be aware of when choosing the right sunscreen

Not every sunscreen will suit everyone, and that's totally ok! With so much choice of sun protection on the market, there will definitely be one that is perfect for you! You need to be looking for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays as a whole in the highest SPF possible.
So what do you need to consider for the right sunscreen for you?

Your skin type.

Did you know that a huge majority of women don't bother with sunscreen because of how they perceive it looks on their skin (for example, looking overly greasy or it doesn't support wearing makeup)
You need to know what your skin type is before you jump into sunscreen! 
Knowing what your skin does and how it behaves will obviously affect absorption and how the sunscreen sits on your skin.

  • If you have dry skin, you certainly need to look for a sunscreen that is highly moisturizing and supports dryer skin. 
Here, you will be best off looking for SPF Fluids and sprays, so they can be absorbed into the skin more efficiently.
  • If you have oily skin, your top consideration is not to add more oil to that skin's surface, which can obviously make you break out in acne and spots! 
Heavy oil-based creams would be a no-no for oily skin; instead, opt for a water-based spritz or an SPF beauty fluid that can reduce the grease factor!
  • If you have highly sensitive skin, you need to look for a sunscreen with straightforward and natural ingredients, with no perfumes and no additional colorings, to make sure you reduce the chances of irritation to a bare minimum. 
Opting for simple compound sunscreen oil would give you the added layer of protection to your skin without all the nasty added extras.
  • If you have combination skin, the best advice to get the right sunscreen for you is to make sure you get the best-matched one that suits your skin universally. 

So a top consideration would be a water-based spray that will not exacerbate any excessively dry or overly oily patches but is highly absorbable and invisible.
The best advice is don't cut those quality corners! You really will get what you pay for with sunscreen, so make sure that you choose the best one for you and your requirements, as well as one that is within your budget!

What Are The Best Sunscreens For 2021?

This is a great consideration when looking at an all-rounder Broad Spectrum SPF and is highly rated by dermatologists! Suitable more all skin types and tones, it's definitely a front runner in the sunscreen stakes!

This is the best sunscreen if you are looking for an affordable high SPF!

While small, this is perfect for keeping with you on beach days and is also said to not clog your pores with a mattifying finish! No additional blotting paper needed, girlies!

This spray has been rated as one of the top sunscreen spays for 2021, and just look at the high SPF in it!

This is easy to get all over your body with ease on those days you are sunning on your own, with no mess and certainly no sun damage! It's cooling and absorbant too!

You may not think acne and sunscreen go hand in hand, but this oil-free sunscreen has made the union possible! With the addition of Niacinimide, this sunscreen supports a healthy skin microbiome to avoid acne flare-ups and adequate sun protection.

This sunscreen is by far one of the best to help keep your sensitive skin calm and under control in the sun! Although not classed as sunscreen, it's actually a moisturizer. Still, with an SPF of 30 as standard, this gives you 2 jobs completed in 1 hit!

Lip care in the summer should not be forgotten! This is both soothing and nourishing to protect your lips from the harsh rays on summer days. Still, it also holds an impressive SPF 30 and a lovely clear gloss effect on application!

Hair care is super important too! So, protect your hair with this top-rated SPF for hair that is highly absorbable, non-greasy, and also protects against damage from chlorine sources.

Hawaiian Tropic are emerging market leaders in all things suncare, and this addition to your summer body skincare will undoubtedly have you agreeing! Lightweight and highly absorbable with an impressive SPF 50, this will leave your skin looking great and feeling protected.

Suppose you indulge in outdoor swimming all summer long. In that case, you will need a high-performance waterproof sunscreen that will protect you from the refraction of the sun's rays through the water, as well as hold up against the water itself. This sunscreen will certainly do the trick in both aspects but remember, although it says waterproof, the regular application is always recommended at least every 2 hours!

Lastly, special consideration needs to be made for the skin that has a few laughter lines. This sunscreen is socially formulated to support the skin of the older person. It has many ingredients that will compliment skin that has seen some life already! This one is not too heavy on the skin, is really easy to apply, and won't sit in those experience lines.

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