The World’s First 10 Circle Magnet Lashes

Get to know more about the World’s FIRST Circle PowerGrip Magnet Lashes 👇

  • No more square corners on our magnets means an even more seamless and comfortable fit! 
  • Made with 10 mini circle magnets on our Comfort Fit Lash Band
  • Circle magnets are smaller & lighter but are just as strong 💪
  • More magnets on the lash band means more increments for trimming, if needed, for your desired fit
  • Made with a unique synthetic blend of fibers to look more like real human hairs

Why They're Better:

  • Long lasting, strength and durability, each pair can be worn up to 60 times with proper care.
  • Made with high quality synthetic fibers, PET eco friendly material. The lash fibers mimics the feel and fluffiness of mink hair, but is lighter and more environmentally friendly and cruelty free.
  • 10 Circle PowerGrip Magnets placed evenly along the lash band to ensure a perfect fit and complete customization if trimming is needed to better fit eye size.
  • The mini circle magnets are rounded so there are no harsh edges that can scratch your eyelids.
  • Water resistant, can withstand up to 86 degrees celsius water and maintain lash curl.


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