This Trend Isn't Going Anywhere In 2022

Let's say that for a reason or two, you missed out on 2021's top trends. As a fashionista, that's an unbelievable sin. However, here's a chance to redeem yourself — the top trends for 2022 are definitely not something to ignore. With a new year comes new beginnings and new trends; we hope that you'll leverage this fresh start and showcase your personality with our top trends for the year.

2022 is a huge leap from where we were left off in 2021. With our world gradually adjusting to the covid-19 pandemic, things are starting to look normal again. That means bolder, glittery, and more daring looks to make up for the long stay-at-home and mask-wearing periods.

However, if you're a minimalist, not to worry, 2022 has a thing or two for everyone. Just make sure you're prepared to savor all the trendy goodness the year has in store.

So, the question is — are you ready? Yes? And so are we!

Top 10 Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Many trends will dominate the 2022 fashion space, so much that we can't list them all. But trust us to let you in on the best ones:

●      Statement Eyes

What screams "we've survived a pandemic" better than bold statement eyes? Nothing at all! The pandemic and the need to wear masks have put all the focus on our eyes for a couple of years now. This bold eye look has now refused to go anywhere.

You can pull your statement eye look off with bold colors and artful designs with expressive eye liners. No matter how you wish to flaunt this trend, the idea is to let your eyes do the talking.

●      Red Lips

Don't be surprised; red lips have always been a classic. We just can't outgrow this trend. Maybe that's because there's nothing to outgrow— the versatility of red lips does it for all of us, anytime and anyway. You're definitely seeing a lot of this trend in 2022.

●      Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls

When you hear of pearls, what do you think of? If you say classic jewelry, you're not wrong. However, we'll be seeing pearls in a different light this new year.

Pearls will become a major embellishment for all our looks this year. From make-up to nails, hairstyles, and many more, it's going to be a pearl avalanche for all of us.  There'll even be pearl-infused skincare!

We aren't complaining though, bring it on. We love to see it!

●      Double-Winged Liners

More and more double-winged liner ideas will sprout and make fashion news in 2022. This trend is one of the most functional ones, especially those who wish to achieve a brighter gaze. It's also the perfect blend of vibrancy and excellence. Just get your steady hands and our magnetic liner pen ready for showtime!

●      Lots of Sparkles

We are here for the glitter and glamor that 2022 has for us. Not only are we getting creative with glitter this year, but we are also going to make it pop in a sultry yet subtle way. Still don't know what we're talking about? Just watch out for this trend. And oh, there'll be shiny eyebrows too!

●      Purple Blush

We are going all out with bold and statement blush this year, all thanks to publicity TikTok gave to purple blushes in 2021. It's a look that we are obsessed with, and we know you'll love it too. These purple blushes make pink look too basic.

●      Glossy Lips

Sleek and luminous looks will make the trend this year, starting with glossy lips. We'll also see lots of shimmery cheeks and glossy eyelids too.

●      Pastel and Neon Eyeshadows

Neon graphic eyes will top the fashion trends this year, and so will pastel eyeshadows. These are two 2022 trends that we'll never get tired of seeing.

●      Light Bases

Remember what we said about something cooking for minimalists this year? Well, here you have it. Light and luminous foundations to the world!

Final Thoughts

From statement eyes to double-winged liners, pearled nails, and light bases, many trends have come to stay in 2022. We love that they're inclusive trends, and there's something for you regardless of where you are on the fashionista spectrum.

So, tell us, what's your style? What fashion trends would you love to try this new year? Are there any more trends you'll love to see in 2022?

At Glamnetic, we are going all out to make sure you live your best dashing and dapper life this year. We've survived the worst parts of a pandemic, and there's no stopping us now.

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I agree that the bold Liner isn’t going anywhere. Masks are still a big requirement, so eyes are the most important, Lipstick aren’t really seen. Nails are also important too, clean and nice to stay healthy!


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