Here's How To Do TikTok's Reverse Cat-Eye Trend!

Want That Sultry Reverse Cat Eye? Here’s How To Do It

Beauty hackers have rediscovered a bold, sultry look and have brought it back full force. The reverse cat eye is the beloved classic cat eye concept but flipped upside down so that the real statement is on the lower lash line.

This means the shadow, liner, and of course, that big bad wing. The power of a bold eye shadow look is endless. But, when it’s all on the bottom lash line, that’s some next-level stuff.

This look is classic, yet reimagined to make a sultry, gorgeous eyeshadow look that we’re all living for right now! And, luckily for you, we’re here to show you how to do it just like all the Instagram glam gals! Keep reading to learn how you can do the reverse cat eye for sexy, sultry eyes!

What You’ll Need For A Reverse Cat Eye

The reverse eyeshadow has been done a bunch of different ways, and it may look like something only pros can do, but it’s really easy. That’s the best part! It’s easy, and all you need are 3 things to pull it off:

  1. A neutral eyeshadow palette.
  2. A black eyeliner. (It doesn’t matter whether it’s liquid liner, gel, or an eyeliner pen.
  3. Your favorite mascara or set of lashes.

How To Create A Reverse Cat Eye:

Step One: The Base

With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, use a medium-toned brown to cover your top lid. Blend it in your crease and slightly up to your brow bone. Extend them along the brow line and extend into the eye socket, beside the bridge of the nose to make the sweeping wing effect.

Now, take a smudging brush with the same shade of brown, and bring it down to your lower lash line. Blend it connect with the shadow extending outward from your upper lid.

Step Two: Line It Up

Here’s where things get juicy. Instead of lining your upper lid, take your eyeliner and line your waterline. Remember to extend the inner corners and wing it out, following the shape of your shadow line.

Now, take a bit of black eyeshadow and smudge out the edges. If you’re using a pencil liner, it’s much easier to smudge out, and you won’t need the extra eye shadow.

Step Three:  Finishing Touches

Top the look off with a bit of mascara and bring it to the next level with a great set of lashes. If you’re using Glamnetic lashes, you can paint a strip on the top lid for the lash base, and use a different a pencil eyeline for the bottom. Finally, take your lashed, and snap! Your look is finished.

Make It Your Own!

This look is so easy, and it only takes a few minutes. Then, boom, you’re ready to turn heads with an edgy, sultry look that makes any eye color pop.

We want to see you try this look with your favorite set of Glamnetic lashes! Tag us to show your love for the reverse cat eye today!


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