Top 10 Nail Trends On Pinterest

Are you looking for nail designs to spice up your next manicure? Looking to get in on the latest trends?

Pinterest is the place to be if you’re looking for nail art inspiration. From abstract designs to color blocking, you can find it all! 

Just for you, we’ve rounded up the top 10 nail trends on Pinterest! From mismatching to metallics, keep reading to find out what’s hot this year, according to the inspo experts! 

Jelly Nails

The first of the top 10 nail trends is hands-down jelly nails. These translucent nails look good in any color, but red is definitely the most popular. And, they look even better with accents like glitter or rhinestones!

Y2K Baby!

We all know that trends always come back after a couple. Who knew that 22 years later, we’d still be just as obsessed with all of the Y2K aesthetics? From animal print to Bratz designs, it’s all coming back, and we are HERE FOR IT. Check out our Y2K nail bundle, so you won’t have to just pick one!

Metallic Masterpiece

One of the biggest nail trends on Pinterest right now is all of the metallics, especially GOLD.  You can go full-color or have tiny touches in your nail art. It’s up to you, babe!

The Blues

Last year, one of the biggest nail trends on Pinterest was green. This year, we’re not straying far from that trend, since Pantone and Pinterest have both predicted blue to be the color this year! Periwinkle, Navy Blue, and Royal blue in particular will be the hot-ticket colors this year!

Cosmic Chaos

If you’re a stargazer, this one’s for you! This category of nail art includes galaxy-inspired nails like our Nebula nail kit, the signs of the horoscope, and don’t forget the phases of the moon!

Mismatch Madness

Another really creative Pinterest nail trend is mismatching. You can go subtle with multicolor tips like our Sprinkles set or go all the way with full color or different designs on each nail to really show off your different sides.

Clear and Creative

Having clear nails might have seemed odd a few years ago. But it’s actually been trending for a hot minute. The most popular take on this trend is clear nails with butterflies or other creative designs. If you’re not ready to jump headfirst, try it with just one nail, like in our Mariposa nail set.

Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails are an abstract take on nail art, where your natural nail is left exposed as part of the design. There are many different types of negative space designs like the reverse French manicure or other designs like Glamnetic’s Light Beam nail kit.

All That Glitters

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s glitter. A little sparkle gives EVERY color a little extra pizzaz. Even clear nails or natural nails can get a boost from this classic! Get in on this trend today with our Juicy and Nova nail sets!

Nail Stickers

The last of the top Pinterest nail trends is nail stickers. They make nail art easy as pie! Get any kind of nail art you want in seconds! Check out some of our nail stickers to get in on the fun! 


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