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Are you ready to freshen up your spring look with some playful nail designs? Look no further! We've curated a collection of trendy nail styles that are taking TikTok by storm. From checkers to smiley faces, these designs are sure to give your nails a fun and vibrant makeover.

Checkmate: Elevate Your Everyday Mani

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This playful style features varied designs of checkers, solid colors, and half-solid nails, creating a captivating look. With our brand new short, oval shape, you'll adore this elevated take on your everyday manicure.

All Smiles: Cool-Girl Vibes

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Give off cool-girl vibes with our All Smiles nail design. A semi-transparent nude base is playfully elevated with yellow smiley face graphics, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their nails. Short oval shape adds to the trendy appeal.

Mi Cherie: Classic Mani with a Twist

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Looking for a classic manicure with a fun twist? Mi Cherie nails are here for you. French tips are flawlessly elevated with tiny red cherry graphic accent nails, adding a playful touch to your look and its short round shape ensures a chic finish.

Shroomies: Playful and Whimsical

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Get playful with your manicure with Shroomies nails. Featuring white and lime green French tips adorned with cute mushroom graphics, this design will elevate your look and bring a whimsical charm to your nails. 

Wild Child: Embrace Your Trendy Side

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Unleash your wild side with Wild Child nails. Multicolor sticker designs make this style super trendy and perfect for those who want to stand out. Short oval shape adds a modern touch to this playful nail design.

Limelight: Effortlessly Fresh

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    Limelight nails are all about embracing the freshness of spring. Featuring a short almond shape with the cutest lime green tips and daisy-motif accent nails, this design exudes effortless charm. 

    Get ready to show off your playful side with these trendy nail designs that are sure to make a statement on TikTok and beyond. Whether you're into checkers or smiley faces, there's a playful design waiting for you to try. So why not give your nails some love and freshen up your spring look today?

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