Trendy Makeup, Elevated: Glamnetic Lashes Edition

Are you ready to take your makeup game to the next level? Look no further than Glamnetic lashes to complete these popular makeup trends and add a touch of glamour to your beauty routine. From sultry 90’s vibes to natural cloud skin, Glamnetic has the perfect lash styles to complement every look.

90’s Makeup: Babygirl Lashes


Channel your inner babygirl with the iconic 90’s makeup trend. Achieve a precise, error-proof winged look with a felt-tip liner pen with the new formulation for the most powerful hold. The short round shape of these Babygirl lashes perfectly captures the sultry essence of the 90’s era.

Latte Makeup: Darling Half Lashes


For a natural yet sophisticated look inspired by latte makeup, opt for Darling half lashes. These lashes enhance your natural beauty thanks to their magnetic lash band for a seamless "your lashes but better" effect. Pair them with bronzy summer makeup for a radiant glow that's perfect for any occasion.

Cherry Cola Lips: Gossip Lashes



Make a statement with cherry cola lips and elevate your look with Gossip lashes. The medium cat-eye shape of these lashes adds a flirty touch to complement the boldness of your lip color. Get ready to turn heads with this irresistible combination!

Office Siren: Glam Lash Extension Kit


For the busy boss babes rocking the 9 to 5 grind, the Glam Lash Extension Kit is your secret weapon. These lashes will last through the work week and still make your eyes pop, especially behind glasses. Achieve a natural yet elevated look that exudes confidence in any office setting.

Cloud Skin: Natural Lash Extension Kit


Embrace the natural, effortless beauty of cloud skin with the natural lash extension kit. These lashes complement your satin finish base flawlessly, giving you a soft and ethereal look. Complete your makeup routine with softly flushed cheeks for a radiant complexion.

With Glamnetic lashes, you can effortlessly enhance any makeup look and unleash your inner glam goddess. Whether you're feeling nostalgic for the 90’s or embracing the latest beauty trends, Glamnetic has the perfect lashes to complete your style. So why wait? Level up your makeup game with Glamnetic lashes today!

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