Valentines Day Nail Trends You NEED To Try

Bored with your bare nails? Got a hot date for Valentine’s Day. Don’t settle for bare nails! Get those Valentine’s Day colors out and get creative!

From negative space nails to intricate designs, we’ve got the top ten Valentine’s Day nail trends, so you can have a manicure masterpiece for your dinner date or girl’s night out!

Keep reading to see your next favorite nail trend!

Multi-Colored Manicure

The first Valentine’s Day nail trend is probably the easiest out of them all. While it features multiple colors, it only takes mere minutes. Keep it simple, but still stunning by painting a different shade of red or pink on each of your fingernails. You can Different shades of red or pink on each nail.

Heart Accents

Paint all of your nails with a white base. This design can be done by hand, with stickers or stencils, or with a heart-shaped stamp. You can even play with different shades of pink.

White With 1 Red Or Pink Nail

Another easy go-to Valentine’s Day nail trend is to keep it simple with white on all your nails but your ring fingers. You can also switch those fingers up with a traditional pink or red. 

Metallic Pink

Metallic pink is a huge nail trend this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re using just a little on the tips of your nails or getting creative with some designs, it’s a sure-fire stunner!

Red or Pink Tip French Manicure

Another minimalist Valentine’s Day nail trend is to keep it simple with a French manicure. But instead of the traditional white tip, you can opt for a more appropriate color for Valentine's Day like pink or red.

V-Day Ombre

One of the biggest trends that have taken form in many different ways is ombre. You can do this in white, pink and red. Or, you can take the easy route and check out Glamnetic’s Pink Soda nail kit!

Heart-Tipped French Manicure

Another big nail trend for Valentine’s Day is a different take on the French manicure. This look is best on longer nails with narrower tips like almond shape or similar. On the tip of the nail, create a heart in red. 

Rose Quartz  

This is an eye-catching Valentine's Day nail trend that you could wear all year round. It’s actually pretty simple to do. But we’re not judging if you just take a snapshot of an inspo pic for your nail artist or grab some gel stickers.

Negative Space Nails

Negative space is a concept where your nail is left bare, but there are certain shapes and blocks of color on the edges of your nail. It’s a super simple way to get artistic, especially with our Light Beam nail set.

A Bouquet Of Roses

The last of our Valentine’s Day nail trends may require some skill and a really fine-tipped brush. If you’re feeling a little creative, go all out this Valentine’s Day by painting a red rose on each of your nails for a whole bouquet that won’t wilt!


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