Ways to Reuse Lash Box

With the clean beauty movement and sustainability cosmetics gaining momentum, it’s only natural for beauty consumers to make more conscious choices. And us pretty girls know how important it is to care for our Earth — after all, it’s the only home we’ll ever know! 

Now, while recycling is an obvious choice, another effective way to do your part is to repurpose product packaging like your lash boxes. Let’s face it, a lot of us throw the box away once the lashes cease to hold their curls. But what if we told you the lash box has multi-functional potential? Don’t believe us?

In this article, we’ll explore 5 creative ways you can use your empty lash box to give it a second life and reduce waste in the beauty industry. 

5 Ways to Reuse Your Lash Box

A lash box is the perfect size to hold some important supplies that you can carry around effortlessly. It’s convenient, keeps your essentials organized and sanitary, and is incredibly handy when you’re traveling. 

It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the perfect little tool to safeguard accessories that often get lost just as we need them. 

Here are 5 easy and nifty ways in which you can reuse your lash box to prevent waste. 

1. Store Your Q-Tips

Q-tips are prized for their multi-functionality. It’s an excellent tool that we all use for sharpening our eyeliner, getting rid of all the accidental smudges, fixing extra static on hair and fabrics, cleaning jewelry, and even applying acne treatments, 

So, of course, you’d want to bring them along when you’re traveling. Instead of carrying the whole box, opt for a travel-friendly alternative. Store your Q-tips in clean, dry lash boxes to keep out dampness and humidity and ensure the Q-tips are sanitary and safe to use on the skin. 

2. Store Your Hair Accessories

Hair ties and bobby pins have legs — we’re almost certain of it. Almost. What else would explain their sudden disappearance from our vanity tables right before we need them? 

Even when you have a fresh pack of hair ties, you’d think that would have you covered for a solid period, right? Wrong. You can purchase all the hair ties and clips and bobby pins you want and still not have any around when you need them. 

But when you have an empty lash box lying around, it can act as a convenient storage box for your hair accessories and keep them from getting lost. Bobby pins, hair ties, small clips — they all fit perfectly in lash boxes and don’t take up much space in your purse. They also won’t slip to the bottom of your handbag and disappear into thin air when you need them! 

3. Store Your Rings And Earrings 

Buying storage boxes for our cute, dainty jewelry is like paying a $5 shipping fee on a $4 purchase — so unnecessary! But without proper storage, keeping track of jewelry can be near impossible. We either end up misplacing them or leaving them at the mercy of the rust gods. Sigh.

Luckily, there’s a way out. If you have an empty lash box at hand, you can easily use it as a jewelry holder. It is strong enough to hold your rings, small earrings, and studs, and you get to save some $$$! 

4. Store Your Makeup Essentials

Packing for traveling is all fun and games until you have to pack your makeup. There go all your dreams of traveling light! But there’s a way out! No, you don’t have to leave your holy grail makeup essentials stacked in your vanity.

Enter empty lash boxes. These bad boys can store tweezers, lash applicators, spoolies, micro swab brushes, disposable lip applicators, lash glue, eyebrow pencils, and even gua sha — the possibilities are endless! They will not only keep your makeup tools more organized but also make it a breeze to carry them around. 

5. Transition Your Lash Box Into a Business Accessory

Here’s one you would’ve never thought of! If you’re in the lash extension business, you can convert an empty lash box into a take-home pack. These lash boxes are lightweight and portable and can be carried in a purse for ease of use, all while keeping the lash wand clean! 

To reuse, simply store a few after-care essentials like lash wands, cleaner, makeup removing pads, and brush in the box along with after-care instructions, and sneak in a business card! It’s a great way to reuse lash trays and make your mark with your customers. 

Get Up Close and Personal Reusing Lash Boxes with Glamnetic

Now that you’re familiar with the many ways you can reuse your lash box, it’s about time you planned your lash purchases to allow you to get the best bang for your buck while providing great storage opportunities! 

Here are some Glamnetic lash kits and lash bundles that will benefit both you and the environment.

1. Half Lash Lover Kit

This is the perfect lash kit for those looking for a natural and effortless look. The reusable magnetic kit features 3 best-selling half lashes: Sweetie, Princess, and Queen as well as a mini Soo Future! Magnetic Felt Tip Liner to make applications a breeze. Bonus? Its empty lash box is large enough to store Q-tips, tweezers, and a number of other pocket-sized beauty essentials.

2. The WFH Kit

This is THE kit you need to spruce up your look. It includes the top-selling Virgo lash and a medium-length Vogue lash to elevate your everyday looks and comes with a mini Soo Future! Magnetic Felt Tip Liner for easy on-the-go applications. You can store the empty lash box for storing lip tints, bobby pins, and more. 

3. Pillow Talk

This lash kit is the ultimate collection of 4 oh-so-gorgeous half lashes: Honey, Queen, Sweetie, and Princess. The vegan lashes are designed for a perfect fit and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for the most stunning, soft glam look. The lash boxes also have a luxurious feel to them, making them perfect for storing jewelry.

The best thing? With proper care, you can reuse Glamnetic lashes up to 60 times! Once they’ve lost their curls and appeal, use the spacious boxes to store your favorite beauty essentials. 

Wrapping It Up

Lash boxes are one of those products packages that are quite functional and almost always luxurious. They are typically created to be practical and long-lasting, making them a great option for repurposing. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you also get a cute and nifty storage container to hold your essentials! 

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