Introducing Glamnetic x LILHUDDY Collection – our FIRST ever celebrity collaboration! 

LILHUDDY aka Chase Hudson, is an artist with over 40 million followers across social media. His tattoos, painted nails, and his cutting-edge fashion resonate with so many because he is authentic to himself and inspires others to do the same.

Following his true passion in music, his sound and lifestyle exemplify that being true to yourself and confident in being different is pivotal in finding your own place in the world.

LILHUDDY and Glamnetic collaborated to create something innovative and unique with no limit to self expression. Our 10 gel nail stickers are the first of its kind for Glamnetic and a new technology for the nail space. They are fully customizable and the designs are unlike anything that is currently available.

The Glamnetic x LILHUDDY setlist:

🕷 Classic

🕷 Big Brain

🕷 Boo!

🕷 Apocalypse

🕷 Young&Dangerous

🕷 Rock Star

🕷 Midnight

🕷 Dusk&Dawn

🕷 Wild Thangz

🕷 Flamez

Get to know more about our gel nail stickers:

💜 Limited edition celebrity collab with LILHUDDY

⛓ Be the FIRST to try out the latest at home gel nail technology

🕷 Semi-cured gel nail stickers made from high quality gel nail polish

💜 Simply stick and cure to get the sickest nails that last up to 3 weeks cured!

⛓ Lasts up to 2 weeks uncured & 3 weeks cured with our UV Lamp

🕷 Glueless nails, no smell, no mess, no problem!

💜 On trend designs by LILHUDDY

⛓ Super detailed designs you apply in minutes!

🕷 20 gel nail stickers in 10 different sizes

💜 100% vegan & cruelty free


💀 Launching Thursday 8.19.21 at 10 AM PST

💀 GET EARLY ACCESS 8.18.21 when you sign up for our SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM!

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