What Are Hooded Eyes - How To Use Fake Lashes on Them

There are many eye shapes, the hooded shape being one of them. Hooded eyes are very common. Many celebrities have hooded eyes and their makeup always looks on point. If you have determined that your eye shape is hooded and you want some helpful tips on applying makeup and fake lashes, then read on. This article is designed with you in mind.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes feature a heavy brow bone and very little eyelid crease. When the eyes are open, the crease isn’t very visible, or may not be visible at all. With age, hooded eyes become more prominent, with eyelid space completely diminishing. This can cause your eyeshadow to pull a disappearing act. Hooded eyes require a few easy makeup application and lash techniques in order for them to stand out and look their best. 

There are three goals we want to achieve with hooded eye makeup and lashes:

  1. Create the illusion of more eyelid space
  2. Add depth to the crease
  3. Give the appearance of a more lifted eye

Makeup and Lashes for Hooded Eyes

In order for your hooded eyes and lashes to stand out, you will need to remember some basic eye makeup techniques. Below are some tips for creating a fresh look for hooded eyes.

Prime, Prime, Prime

Eye primer is a miracle worker for hooded eyes because it prolongs eye makeup wear.

It is sold in small tubes or jars and is usually transparent in color. Or, it may have a light fleshy pigment. Once it is applied, it should melt seamlessly into your skin with a matte finish.

Primer prevents eyeshadow from creasing, smudging, and fading by preventing oil accumulation in the crease of your eyelid. Primer also improves the texture of your eyelid by smoothing out the skin and prepping it for makeup application. You need a smooth canvas for the makeup to adhere to. 

Apply a thin layer of eye primer from the base of your eyelashes all the way up to the brow bone, which is right below your eyebrow. Now you’re ready to get started with eyeshadow!

Set the Primer in Neutral

There is one thing to remember when applying eyeshadow shades and when contouring your face. Dark shadows recede and add depth, while light colors brighten and bring something forward (take notes!). 

Lightly brush a neutral shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone all over from the eyelash line up into the brow bone area and slightly up and outward. This will help elongate and brighten the eye area. The neutral shade application will lock in the primer and assure it’s in for the long haul. 

Create Your Look

Next, apply a slightly darker shade of neutral on the eyelid and up just a bit over the natural crease. You may need to keep your eye slightly closed to see where the crease ends. Make sure this shade is seen when your eyes are open. It should just peek out from the upper crease.

Create depth in the actual eyelid crease by applying a darker shade along the curve of your natural crease and just a tiny bit above. This will also lift the look of your eye and make your crease more pronounced. 

Use a fluffy brush to blend it so that the shadow doesn’t look like a definite crease line. Make sure to leave space between your “fake” crease and your brow so that your eyebrows can shine too.

An optional effect is to slightly draw the shadow upwards on the outer corners. This also lifts the eye area creating a more open effect. You can use the edge of your shadow brush or tissue to create an imaginary line on the outer corner of your eye to help with the placement of this trick.

Try to avoid applying shadow in a downward slant on the outer corners. This will close off the eye and make it look smaller.

Shine Baby, Shine

Add a fun pop of glam while also creating the look of more eyelid space by dabbing a shimmery shadow right in the center of the eyelid. This yields a forward pop effect on the lid. You may also use glitter for a bolder look.

Try to keep shimmery colors minimal around the brow bone. Shimmer pronounces an area and makes it look more prominent. Since the brow bone is already naturally pronounced in hooded eyes, you don’t want to make it look overly expressed.

Apply a light shimmer to the inner corners of the eye. This makes them look more bright and awake (which, let’s be honest, we all want). 

Don’t use darker colors on the inner corners of the eye or eyelid. This will make your eyes look smaller and tired. You can, however, use a darker shade on the outer corners of your lid at an upward wisped angle to create added drama.

Draw the Line

Lining your upper lash line with eyeliner can really open up the eyes. Use a color that complements your skin tone, or try something fun like a Soo Vivid!  dramatic color. A nice thin line is always classic, but a cat-eye is perfect too. For a dramatic cat-eye, draw the line upwards and out past the outer lash line. 

The type of eyeliner you choose is important. If using eyeliner with mascara, choose one that glides smoothly across your eyelid. You don’t want to pull the delicate skin on your lids.

If you opt for a magnetic liner to accompany your magnetic lashes, the Glamnetic liners have a felt tip for a velvety smooth application.

Keep Brows Pristine

Nothing beats a well-groomed, well-defined brow. Eyebrows can really define the eye area. Think of your eyebrows as the frame to your face. They are worth paying special attention to. 

Fill in any sparse areas with a brow powder or pencil that is close to the natural shade of your brow hairs. Remove any sparse hairs with tweezers to clean up your look. 

If you’re unsure of how to shape your brows, you may also opt to visit a salon for brow threading or other eyebrow shaping services.

Bat Those Lashes

Eyelashes are quite possibly the most important part of the makeup routine. Lashes open up the eyes and can create a fun and flirty look. If you wear mascara, choose a mascara that both lengthens and volumizes your lashes.

If falsies are more your thing, choose shorter or medium lengths for hooded eyes. Longer lengths can sometimes overpower hooded eyes since the eyelid is mostly hidden. If longer lashes are something you crave, there are some exceptions, such as rounded lashes. Cat-eye lashes are another type of lash that work really well with hooded eyes. They give the eye an elongated appearance. Meow!

Glamnetic has created a variety of false magnetic lashes designed based on your individual eye shape. Hooded eyes and all other eye shapes have an array to choose from. If you are still unsure about your eye shape type, you can take our lash quiz to find out which lashes will accentuate your eyes best.

Along with choosing your length, you also have the option of choosing the color, opacity, style, and material they are made of. Talk about options! 

Your hooded eyes are beautiful and deserve to be the center of attention. Let us help you create your perfect look. 



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