What Are Mink Lashes?

False lashes are everywhere right now, and one of the most popular lash materials available is mink. Celebrities prefer it because of its light texture and natural weighted feel. Mink is also very versatile because it can be used in natural lash styles and those with lots of fluttery volumes. 

So mink is excellent, but what is it exactly? Well, there are two types of mink: genuine mink and faux mink. 

There are tons of lash options out there, so we are here to answer some of your burning questions. This article will break down what mink lashes are made of, how they differ from other lash materials, how to use mink lashes, and which mink lashes are the best. Here’s the scoop.

What Are Faux Mink Lashes?

For the person who doesn’t want to wear real fur, faux is the way to go.

Faux mink lashes are made from synthetic fibers that are meant to mimic natural hair fibers. This vegan lash option provides a natural flutter to the lashes that look very close to the real thing.

Faux mink provides a natural finish for lashes because it is so similar to real mink hair. These lashes are perfect for someone with animal allergies because the fibers do not come from natural animal hair. 

Sometimes faux mink is blended with silk fibers for an even more realistic effect. Some fake mink lashes are considered vegan and cruelty-free.

What Are Genuine Mink Lashes?

Real mink lashes have a soft, fluffy appeal that a lot of people love. The hair is very similar to human hair, making real mink perfect for a beautiful set of false lashes. 

Mink hair comes from the little furry animal called a mink, which naturally sheds just like a cat or a dog. When their hair is brushed, the shedding hair is gathered, sterilized, and undergoes rigorous procedures for consumer safety. 

Genuine mink hair fibers mimic human lashes in their shine and strength. For this reason, mink is in high demand for lash production. 

Mink lashes don’t weigh much, which means they tend to last a little longer than their counterparts. Less weight means less pull on the lash band, leading to less fiber lash loss.

Real mink lashes are used in lash extensions, lashes that require glue, and magnetic lashes.  Since mink hair is versatile, it is used in natural classic lash sets and dramatic, bold lash sets. 

Mink is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to wear a synthetic material and would prefer a natural fiber. 

What Are Synthetic Lashes?

Synthetic lashes are made of PBT, a type of plastic. PBT holds curl well, so it makes sense that it would be used in synthetic lashes. 

Synthetic lashes are heavier in weight than mink and vegan lashes. The heavier weight can cause the lash to wear more quickly. 

Mink Lashes or Lash Extensions: Which Is Better?

There are a few important differences between magnetic lashes and lash extensions when it comes to mink lashes.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are designed with mink or synthetic fibers and must be applied with glue. 

Lash extensions require an initial cost for application, which is much higher than the false lashes, even when you take into account the glue or magnetic liner.

If you are thinking about getting lash extensions, just realize that the cost of extensions is pretty hefty, and lash refills will need to be performed every two to three weeks. Lash extensions require retouches to fill in the lashes from natural lash shedding, or they’ll start to look sparse.

Mink Magnetic Lashes

Mink magnetic lashes are lightweight, allowing them to be worn over and over again. They take the win when it comes to time saved and money saved. 

The application process can take as little as a few minutes, where lash extensions take over an hour to apply. Plus, no sticky glues have to be used.

How to Choose Mink Lashes

Your eye shape has a lot to do with which type of lash will accentuate your eyes best. While you can absolutely wear whatever pair you’d like, certain lash shapes will flatter certain eye shapes and give them a little something special. 

There are five eye shapes. Once you know which shape you have, it will be easier to snag the perfect lash set.

Eye Shape

There are five eye shapes, so grab a mirror. Here is a quick rundown on the shapes of eyes and the mink lash set that will fit each eye type.

  • Almond eyes are longer in width than they are round, which is where they get their namesake—almond. Luxe lashes will fit you to a tee. If you have almond-shaped eyes, these natural-looking mink lashes are subtle yet sexy.
  • If you have deep-set eyes, lavish yourself with these mink beauties! Deep-set eyes are set deeper into the eye socket, making the brow bone appear more prominent. The mink Lavish lash set adds the subtle drama you’ll love.
  • Hooded eyes have a deep-set crease in the upper eyelid and a prominent brow bone. The mink Lust set is thick and dramatic and will have you flirting in no time.
  • Monolid eye shape doesn’t have the crease between the lid and the brow bone. Monolid shapes will love the look of the Love mink lash set. Natural, wispy, dramatic: what’s not to love?
  • Round eyes are a larger eye shape, with the whites on the eyes visible above and below the iris. Those of you with round-shaped eyes will adore the mink style Livin’. This subtle set is something you’ll obsess over.

Mink Lash Application Types

Now that you have determined your eye shape, it’s time to decide whether you want strip lashes that require glue for adhesion or magnetic lashes that need a magnetic liner. Let’s run through some deets.

Lash Glue

Mink lashes that require glue are good and all, but… glue. You need to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to glue. First of all, it can be messy. Glue has the sticky ability to adhere to your fingers, tweezers, or natural lashes when you are applying the falsies. It can get messy if you aren’t used to it. 

Not only is the glue sticky, but it also contains lots of chemicals. One ingredient used in lash glue is cyanoacrylate, an ingredient found in super glue. 

Magnetic Liner

Magnetic liner and lashes are considered the safest type of false lashes available today. To apply magnetic lashes, you first need to draw a line of magnetic liner on your upper lash line, just as you’d apply regular eyeliner. It comes in lots of colors, too, so it looks super cute when it’s on.

The magnetic liner has a unique magnetic ingredient called iron oxide. Iron oxide is FDA approved for use in cosmetics, so you know it’s safe. In fact, iron oxide is in most of the cosmetic products you already use. 

Our magnetic lashes are available in mink and vegan varieties, so there’s a little something for everyone!

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Magnetic lashes and magnetic liners are safe. They are considered the safest form of false lashes available today. There aren’t any dangers with using these products around your eyes. 

Allergic reactions are very rare, but you can perform a patch test if you have any doubts. A patch test will show whether or not you have an allergy to any ingredients in a product. 

Simply apply a small patch of the product onto an area of your skin other than where you intend to use the product, such as your forearm. Wait 24-48 hours to see if irritation, itching, or redness occurs at the test site. If you have any questions or concerns, always consult your doctor, ophthalmologist, or dermatologist.

The Bottom Line

Mink lashes are the natural, realistic fibers used for false eyelashes. If you want to wear these types of lashes, it is a good idea to know your eye shape so you can select the most flattering fit for your eyes. 

Magnetic lashes are the safest type of false lashes available. Mink lashes also come in glue application types; however, glue can be messy.

Glamnetic magnetic lashes offer the highest-quality mink lashes in styles for all eye shapes. Check out our mink and vegan sets. You’ll be glad you did!


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