What Is Lymphatic Drainage & Why Should You Obsess Over it?

If you’re tired of dealing with puffy and swollen eyes and always looking like you skipped a good night’s sleep, you’re not the only one. It would surprise you to know just how many people crave the refreshed-looking face that tells the whole world you had your beauty sleep. 

Sure, some puffy looks may come from your body telling you that you need to rest (and you should listen to it); the issue is when it becomes a ceaseless issue that plagues you night and day.

No matter how much you try to look refreshed, it just ends up looking bad. Putting on makeup on a puffy face makes it look even worse. If this is you, then a good old lymphatic drainage might be what your body needs.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a soothing massage that helps your body detoxify. It flushes out bodily toxins, improves your immunity, and gets rid of bloating and water weight in the system. As a result, your body comes out looking smoother, younger, refreshed. 

No wonder all the celebrities are doing it.

Here’s how lymphatic drainage works:

♡ The lymphatic network is a system of organs and vessels just beneath your skin that works as garbage disposal.

♡ It rids your body of toxins and works to keep your immune system whole.

♡ Lymphatic drainage acts like a sanitary movement that ensures your body does not retain the waste it produces or harbor toxins like bacteria.

♡ It ensures you don’t get infections.

    The whole idea with getting a lymphatic drain is that a good rub down or massage will get the fluids that make you look puffy, feel tired, and sick out of your system. You will unclog the pipes that carry the toxins and keep your body clean. 

    Lymphatic drainage massages are different from regular massages that require deep pressure to ease tense muscles. Instead, it’s lighter and gentler to channel the fluid around the body easily with certain types of techniques.  

    Lighter pressure is necessary because the lymphatic network is close to the skin, so there is no need to apply more pressure.

    Why is lymphatic drainage so important?

    If you’re wondering why you should join the lymphatic drainage obsession, here are some reasons that will win you over.

    ♡ It irons out your wrinkles

    A properly done lymphatic drainage leaves your skin feeling smoother and less wrinkled because of how the facial lymphatic drainage is done. You get a more appealing face with smoother skin by moving all the fluid out of your face and neck.

    ♡ It feels really good

      Massages generally help to ease your body out of pain and tightness; lymphatic drainage is another massage that’s no different. As the therapist works their way around your face, you start to feel an easing out of the kinks and puffiness that you’ve been carrying around all the while.

      ♡ It improves circulation

        As the therapist massages your face to move the fluid and waste out, your blood circulation improves, giving your skin a radiant and healthy glow you know you crave. 

        ♡ It reduces inflammation

          Lymphatic drainage is a game-changer for reducing puffiness and swellings. Draining all the lymph fluid out of your body gives you a refreshed, tighter skin ridding you of that bloated feeling. 

          The drainage doesn’t only work on your facial skin, it flushes out the fluid from underarms, your pelvic area, neck, and even your legs. 

          How to get a lymphatic massage

          There are different ways through which you can get lymphatic drainage; you can even do it yourself! However, before you begin, if you have any medical conditions like a high risk of blood clots or congestive heart failure, you may want to check with your doctor to find out if it is safe for you.

          Generally, the procedure is considered safe. 

          Many facial massage therapists are skilled in doing the best lymphatic drainages for you. Once you find the one you’d like to work with, ensure that you are as specific as possible with what you want. Let them know you want lymphatic drainage and not a typical massage. 

          If you would like to DIY, there are many lymphatic drainage guides to help you perform the massage expertly, like this How to Perform guide from Medical News Today.

          At home lymphatic drainage massage tools: 

          ♡ Deep Tissue Lymphatic Massager for Thighs, Butt, Legs, Back, and Body

          Designed to loosen tight fascia, remove cellulite, relieve soreness, aches, and knots. I absolutely LOVE using this tool after a good work out! 

          ♡ Dry Brushing Body Brush 

          Dry brushing is an inexpensive, effective and chemical-free way to have healthier and smoother skin. Can be used wet or dry, (preferable dry) rub in circular motions starting at your feet and move your way up to your chest (don't use on your face)!  Do this technique 2-3 times a week for: perfectly exfoliated skin, get rid of old or dead cells, promote blood circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage.

          ♡ Gua Sha Facial Tool 

          Gua She is a traditional Chinese therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years.This Gua sha tool will help with: 

           improve the microcirculation of the facial blood vessels
          ♡ increase the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids
           appear more energized and healthy

          ♡ Facial Massage Ice Roller 

          I use this ice roller every single morning on clean skin before my skincare routine to de-puff my face. I also like to use it after a workout because it feels SO good and calms my swollen face down. When using an ice roller for lymphatic drainage, I like to press and roll down the sides of my neck making sure to apply a bit of pressure to release the toxins effectively! 


          Getting a lymphatic drainage massage may be your ticket out of ceaseless puffy, bloated and swollen looks. It’s a safe, enjoyable technique that’s surely worth a try!


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