What Is My Eye Shape?

Have you ever obsessed over a makeup tutorial, learned all the tips, and followed them to a tee, just to see yourself in the mirror looking like a hot mess? Don’t fret; not every eyeshadow trend  is meant for every eye shape. 

Many trends are not eye shape specific, but some are. Eyelashes are no exception. The proper lash set can glam up your look in an instant. 

Knowing your eye shape is super important to finding the perfect lash for your peepers. The proper lash will open and awaken your eyes, giving you a refreshed just-back-from-vacation vibe, and that all starts with your eye shape. 

What Are the Five Eye Shapes?

The five eye shapes include almond, deep-set, hooded, monolid, and round. Each is beautiful in its own right, and there are specific tricks that you can use to enhance your eye shape even further. 

Your eyes give you your unique look and individual beauty. When you add the right set of Glamnetic magnetic lashes to provide you with the perfect fit and flutter, those peepers will be shining like never before.

Almond Shaped Eyes

Kim Kardashian is famous for fashion, contouring, and her almond eyes. Almond-shaped eyes are just that—shaped just like an almond. They are longer in width than they are around and have small eyelids. The outer and inner corners of the almond-shaped eyes taper to a point.

Another characteristic of almond eyes is the eyelid, which slightly covers the top and bottom of the iris. This eye shape is lucky in that most makeup trends will work well without many adjustments. 

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes have a dominant brow bone, and the eye is deeper set into the socket. The upper eyelid appears small because of this. 

Deep-set eyes appear larger and benefit from fun, brightening makeup tricks. Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz have deep-set eyes, so look to them for your makeup inspo.

Hooded Eyes

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone rock the hooded eye shape. With hooded eyes, the skin below the brow bone hangs down over the crease. This area below the brow will make your upper eyelid appear smaller. 

When your eyes are open, the eyelid crease isn’t visible. Hooded eyes become more prominent as you age. Those with hooded eyes can pull off a long, fluttery lash style with glamourous ease, especially if they concentrate the longer lashes to the outer corner. 


Those of you with monolids will notice that your upper eyelid appears to have one fold or no fold at all. Your eyes may appear smaller and will benefit from a longer lash to amp up the eye size. 

People with monolids can pull off a bold smoky eye brilliantly; lucky you! Awkwafina flaunts the monolid eye shape.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are the largest of all eye shapes. The whites of your eyes can be seen around your iris, and the inner and outer corners don’t pull upward or downward. 

Round eyes give a new meaning to the fun phrase, “eyes wide open,” with their babydoll appearance. Katy Perry is just one of many celebrities with round eyes.

Eye Shape Lash Guide

Glamnetic magnetic lashes are designed to fit all five eye shapes. Finding an eye shape-specific lash set will provide you with the most flattering lash effect. 

You can find your custom-tailored lash fit by browsing the Glamnetic lash guide or taking the Glamnetic lash quiz. Our lashes are designed to fit each eye shape straight out of the box, but you may find that you want to trim your faux lashes to get an even more custom fit. 

Step right up as we show you a few Glamnetic magnetic lashes that are perfect for each eye shape.

Almond Eye Lash Sets

  • VIP: Your almond-shaped eyes are perfect for the VIP lash treatment! These lashes will have you red carpet ready in no time. The faux mink, fluffy style just screams glam. They’re almond-eye perfect for that little touch of extra.
  • OMG: Those with almond eyes will adore the fit of the wispy, voluminous set of OMG lashes. This lash option will have you charming your way to the top.

Deep Set Lash Sets

  • Livin’: Get ready to Live on the edge with Livin’! These natural-looking wispies look great on your deep-set eyes because they accentuate the eyes and bring them forward. 
  • Lush: Lush lashes will bring the drama to you with no strings attached. The long length, amped-up volume, and round shape will make your deep-set eyes the center of attention.

Hooded Eye Lash Sets

  • Verified: It’s Verified that these lashes are for you! Hooded eye peeps gather round; the wing-shaped volume these lashes provide is perfection on your eye shape.
  • OMW: You’ll be texting OMW super fast after applying these bad boys. These add a realistic flair to your vibe that won’t be overlooked on your hooded eyes.

Monolid Lash Sets

  • Vibe: Make your monolids stand out in the dramatic cat-eye Vibe lash. This style tapers on the inner corners to accentuate your gorgeous monolid eye shape.
  • VOGUE: The versatility of the VOGUE lash will have you going from day to night in a snap. The playful style will give your monolid-shaped eyes just the right amount of sultry drama.

Round Eye Lash Sets

  • Lust: You will Lust after this round, voluminous, date-night ready set. These lightweight beauties will leave your heart sailing.
  • Vacay: Need a weekend Vacay? You’ll be obsessed with these crisscrossed lashes. They’ll have you California dreamin’ all night long.

Why Choose Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes Over Others

Glamnetic was founded by Ann McFerran, who focused on designing easy-to-apply lashes that can be removed and reused again and again. She made this dream come true with the use of a magnetic liner. Her passion for designing trendy lashes that suit every eye shape is paramount. 

Our founder understands that you want to look your absolute best without glue, added time, and fuss. That’s why Glamnetic designed eye shape-specific mink and vegan lashes in various lengths, volumes, and shapes. Each lash set is waterproof, latex-free, and reusable.

Glamnetic liner is available in a rainbow of colors, including classic black. Glamnetic liners are richly pigmented and glide smoothly across your lash line to give you a strong hold for each lash type.

Summing It Up

Five eye shapes determine which set of lashes will give you the most fabulous look. Glamnetic magnetic lashes have solved the lash dilemma by creating a lash quiz and lash guide that will lead you to the lashes you’ll obsess over.

Glamnetic has a lash set for every eye shape in mink and vegan versions. Our lashes were designed with you in mind.

Choose your set and flaunt it, because no one will wear them precisely the way you do! 


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