Why You Should Be Taking FREEZING Cold Showers

Once the coffee starts to kick in, your day is off to a great start, no doubt. But what if we told you you could make it even better when you add a freezing cold shower to your list of morning rituals? A little too much?

We don’t think so.

A few of the benefits you get to enjoy when you let that ice-cold water soak through your skin will leave you feeling more pleasant throughout your day and even more efficient. One of the leading advocates of taking cold showers is Wim Hof.

A man who has trained his body to adapt to the cold, such that he could break world records like climbing Mount Everest in shorts! While we’re not asking that you also try this, cold therapy shows you just how much your body is capable of when you train it.

The Wim Hof Method:

Wim Hof prescribes a 3-step method for cold therapy that begins with a breathing technique. Before you hit the shower or bathtub, he advises doing this first:

♡ Sit in a quiet place, breathe in deeply through your nose, about 30 - 40 times.
♡ Each breath cycle should be so deep that your stomach bulges out.
♡ Direct the air to your chest and then let it go.
♡ At the final exhalation, hold your breath for as long as you can before releasing.
♡ Repeat the cycle up to three or four times.

    This breathing therapy helps to activate your mind and calm you. Once you’re done, you’re ready for a freezing cold shower.

    ♡ The key to taking cold showers is to let your body get accustomed to it by starting with only a few seconds, say 5 - 7 seconds.
    ♡ Gradually, you ease into adding a few more seconds until it turns to minutes.
    ♡ Wim Hof counts 2 - 3 minutes as ideal for a cold shower.

      The 3rd step to the Wim Hof method is also essential to gain all the benefits of cold therapy. It is the willpower and inner strength technique.

      ♡ Consciously build that connection between your body and your mind
      ♡ Create, train for, and endure physical or mental stress in a controlled way.
      ♡ It builds your stamina and commitment to growing your will.

        The Benefits of Cold Showers

        Getting used to cold showers soon becomes enjoyable and something you look forward to. However, if you still doubt the effectiveness of these showers, see the benefits we have highlighted below.

        ♡ Reduced stress levels

        If you’re currently feeling stressed out from work, school, physical training, cold showers help reduce your stress level. It works like this: Every time you take a cold shower, your body goes through a small stress process called “hardening.”

        The more cold showers you take, your nervous system continues to get accustomed to moderate stress levels. With this, you can keep a cool head when you face stressful situations.

        ♡ High alertness

        Cold showers wake your body up. It helps you concentrate and keeps you alert as you go through the day. Add a cup of coffee, and boom, you’re powering through like a boss.

        ♡ Increase in willpower

        Many people don’t like the cold, and taking a cold shower takes guts. However, by continuously incorporating a cold shower into your routine, you build your willpower which can affect your daily life in other areas too.

        ♡ Weight loss

        Taking cold showers stimulates your body into generating brown fat that turns into energy. It also increases your metabolic rates, ensuring that you lose a few pounds when you do it frequently.

        ♡ Boosted immune system

        Studies have shown that these showers boost your immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells in your body that protects it from diseases.

        Is Taking Cold Showers Good for Your Skin or Hair?

        Yes, it is.

        Washing your hair with cold water has these benefits you shouldn’t miss out on:

        ♡ It closes the hair cuticles, giving your hair a shine.
        ♡ It keeps your natural oils locked in for a better sheen.
        ♡ It locks in moisture and keeps your hair bouncy.
        ♡ It makes your hair softer and less prone to breakage.
        ♡ If you have colored hair, it helps to preserve the color from fading.

          For your skin, a cold shower will:

          ♡ Help to prevent an aged look.
          ♡ Tighten your pores and give you softer, smoother skin.
          ♡ Give your skin a healthy glow.
          ♡ Rid your skin of stress-related skin issues like acne.

          ♡ Help to reduce the intense itchiness caused by psoriasis or other skin issues.

          Have we convinced you?

          Choosing cold showers over hot showers has these proven benefits we have listed above. Would you try taking one today? Harness the goodness and superpower cold showers bring!



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          A cold shower is not on my bucket list if things to do, but this Texas weather has a girl thinking….. the skin and aging benefits may convince me. Let me get to know “Luke W. Orm” first and then later I will be willing to meet his friend “Col S. Hower”

          D. Lene Arams

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