Guide to Doing Winged Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

Winged eyeliner adds a pop of glam and drama to your eyes. This mod look can change a simple makeup style to a vogue, stylish one within minutes. 

Applying a winged cat-eye can seem like a good idea until you actually get an eye pencil in your hands and attempt to begin. You stall. Where do you start? How thick or thin do you make the wing, and how far should it curve outward? 

We’ve got the answers to your burning questions. You’ll soon be soaring through a winged cat-eye application quickly and effortlessly. So buckle up: We’re going to take you on a crash course on how to apply winged eyeliner.

Types of Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in an array of colors and textures. You can get anything from gel and pencil to liquid and powder. The colors available are endless, too, with the classic original being black. There is also a magnetic liner for magnetic lashes, which can give you an equally amazing flick while setting you up for lash success. 

Usually, liquid and gel liners work best when used with a pointed tipped brush. They are the two easiest types of liner to work with when creating a winged cat-eye. Once you’ve chosen your eyeliner, it’s time to figure out what your eye shape is.

Eye Shapes & Liner Application

There are several different eye shapes, but we will talk about the basic four shapes right now. The type of eye shape you have will determine the way you will want to apply your winged eyeliner. It’s not difficult, so don’t freak out just yet. Let us explain.

We are going to talk about the four different eye shapes:

  • Almond
  • Hooded
  • Round
  • Monolid 

Your eye shape can determine how you apply not only eyeliner but also false eyelashes, so it’s worth figuring out.

Almond Eyes

The almond eye shape has corners that are neither upturned nor downturned. The length of the almond eye is longer than the width, and the eyes themselves are oval-shaped. The crease of your eyelid will be visible, and the iris of your eyes will touch both the top and bottom of your lids. You tend to have it pretty easy when it comes to liquid liner. 

To apply a winged liner to almond eyes, use your lid space to your advantage and follow these steps.

Always start thin. A liquid liner is the easiest to work with, so find your holy grail product and stick with it. Draw a thin line all the way across the upper lash line. Next, flick the liner upwards at the outer corner where your eyelid crease starts. Finally, slowly continue adding to your line, making it as thick and bold as you want.

Glam Tip: If you make a mistake, don’t stress. Reach for an Oopsies On The Go makeup remover swab and carefully erase the mistake. Easy peasy!

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a heavy brow bone and an eyelid crease that is deep-set. The eyelids appear small in the hooded eye shape. That is why those of you that are lucky enough to have this shape can pull off a beautiful, bold, manicured brow. 

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes recommends using liquid eyeliner and a pointy liner brush for your application. This will ensure precision.

Look straight into your mirror with your eyes open and start at the outer corner, applying liner in a thin line right at your lash line. Flick it slightly upward and out at the corner. Go back in and thicken up the line and fill in any areas that need refining. Make sure not to tug your eyelids as you apply the liner. This will cause creases and jagged edges. 

When you close your eyes, the liner will have an open c-shaped dip between the wing and the liner on your lash line. This is normal because you have hooded eyes. Don’t connect this area because it’s actually helping you to have that perfect wing shape. You can, however, clean up the c-shape a bit if needed. This empty space will not show when your eyes are open or when you blink.

Now go in and apply the liner closer in on your lash line to clean it up. Ta-da! You have created the perfect cat eye for your hooded eyes.

Round-Shaped Eyes

Round-shaped eyes tend to be the largest of all the eye shapes. The whites of the eyes can be seen around the iris, and the corners are rounded. If this describes your peepers, then you are the proud owner of round-shaped eyes. 

For gorgeous round eye shapes, pulling off the application of a winged liner should be pretty easy. Just grab your liquid liner and focus on elongating your eyes. Apply liner to the upper lash line and extend it outward into a long extended wing. You may want to make the liner slightly thicker above the center of your pupil to really draw attention to the shape. It’s really that simple. 

Monolid Eyes

Beautiful monolid eyes may naturally appear smaller, so accentuating the eyes with bold liner is the perfect choice. This eye shape visually appears to have one eyelid fold. 

Monolid eyes don’t appear to have the crease between the eyelash and the eyebrow that’s so defined on hooded eyes. This makes it look like those with monolid eyes only have one eyelid fold. This can make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are, so bold liner and lash trends are a great way to draw attention to your peepers.

Keep your eyes open and draw a line directly following your lash line, making it look as if it were part of your actual lash line.

This technique is called “floating eyeliner.” When you close your eyes, the eyeliner will appear to be floating at the top of your eye, but when you have your eyes open or blink, it will just look like a regular cat-eye. This will also allow you to add eyeshadow in many shades around the liner. Pretty cool, huh?

Wrapping It Up

Creating a winged cat-eye doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you know your eye shape and have a good eyeliner, you’re set for success.

There are many tutorials online to help guide you in the application process if you need it. If you make a mistake, clean it up effortlessly with a  SOO Clean! Makeup Remover Pen.

After you have applied your eyeliner, help your eyes pop even more by applying mascara and a full, gorg set of falsies.

Glamnetic’s full line of fabulous magnetic lashes was created with you in mind. There is a style for every occasion, from a minimalist natural look to full-on Uncensored celeb glam.

If you are unsure what type of eye shape you have, don’t fret! Take our lash quiz or skim the lash guide to finding the perfect set of lashes. Plus, our lashes can be used again and again if you take proper care of them, so you can keep killing your look day after day.

Magnetic eyeliner must be used for these magnetic lashes. Our felt-tipped magnetic liners come in classic black and many other  bold colors. The liner glides on smoothly, so creating that winged effect will be a breeze.

Go ahead, be brave. Grab your liner and go! 



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