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Collection: Deepset Eye Lashes

Flattering and Flirtatious magnetic lashes for deep set eyes

Flatter your natural features with our lashes for deep set eyes. From flirtatious cat eye shapes that taper dramatically, to round styles with extra volume, this hand-picked collection of magnetic lashes will take your looks up a notch.

Do I have deep set eyes?

If you have deep set eyes, they'll look like they're set back in your head which can make your brow bone seem quite prominent. Deep set eyes have a small, creased lid and there's usually not much white visible above and below the iris. If this sounds like you, then you'll love our lashes for deep set eyes. If it doesn't sound quite right, check out our collection for almond, hooded or monolid eyes to find the right lashes for your face.

What type of lashes suit deep set eyes?

Girl, you can handle the drama. Deep set eyes usually come with a strong brow and incredible bone structure, so you can go for our most eye-popping styles without overpowering the rest of your If you're not sure where to start, the styles that sit near the bottom of our Lash Guide chart are likely to suit you. Length and volume will be your best friends, so don't be shy — go for bold!

Round, cat-eye or wispy: find the perfect shape

Our deep set eye lashes come in a few different shapes, and each one will flatter your face in different ways. Cat eye lashes are tapered, with shorter strands at the tear duct and longer ones at the edge. This has a lengthening effect and looks amazing with a little eyeliner flick. For full-on drama, we recommend our round lashes. These are the same length all the way around so they look super full. The shorter versions are understated, perfect for everyday wear. Finally, we have wispy lashes with varied fiber lengths. There are some seriously dramatic styles, so go wild.

Treat yourself to something extra with our lash kits

If you have deep set eyes you have the perfect bone structure for experimenting with false lashes. So why choose just one pair? With our great value kits, you can snap up two or more magnetic eyelashes for less. We include a sneaky li'l discount, so it's cheaper than buying everything separately. Most of our kits also come with our magnetic liner — a must-have when it's time to apply your magnetic lashes

Deep set eye lashes crafted from mink and faux mink

Our magnetic eyelashes look amazing because they're made from the best materials. We use genuine mink to create the ultimate flutter, and high quality faux mink for our vegan styles. Lightweight, silky-soft and with a subtle curl that emulates real lashes, these falsies are designed to look as realistic as possible. They're also super easy to apply. Just draw on your magnetic liner and feel the six magnets on each lash grip on. No glue and no fuss.

From all-out drama to sweet and subtle, these lashes for deep set eyes are bound to give you a confidence boost. Be selfie-ready all day, every day with these ultra-flattering lashes. Slay, queen.