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Collection: Magnetic Mink Lashes

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Collection: Magnetic Mink Lashes

Get The Perfect Flutter with Magnetic Mink Lashes
Made from pure fur, our magnetic mink eyelashes look natural and feel fantastic. They're super lightweight so won't weigh down your lids, with a fluffy texture that grabs attention for all the right reasons. Basically it's as close as you'll get to having 100% natural, long lashes. Designed to enhance what nature gave you, they'll leave you looking and feeling like a celebrity.  

Glamour Made Easy with Magnetic Mink Lashes
You don't need to sit in a salon chair for hours or spend all your hard-earned cash to get gorgeous mink eyelashes. All you need to do is slick on two layers of our magnetic liquid eyeliner and then gently apply them with tweezers. The tiny magnets on the back instantly stick to the eyeliner—which you just put on like regular stuff—and that's it! No fuss, no glue, and no time wasting. Our magnetic eyeliner can be used on top of your favorite liner, and has enough pigment to be worn alone too.

Whatever Your Aesthetic, Our Magnetic Mink Eyelashes Have Got You
We love big, thick, statement eyelashes but we totally get that they're not appropriate all the time. That's why we've got mink magnetic lashes in a range of styles to suit every event. Whether you're looking for a wispy style ideal for days in the office or dramatic thick lashes for first dates, you can find an array of glamorous options all made from pure mink. And, if you want to make a huge statement, we even have colored lashes made from mink too. Get ready to live your best unicorn life.

Save on Magnetic Mink Lashes with Our Epic Bundles
We get it. Our magnetic mink eyelashes are so amazing it's hard to pick just one set. That's why we've put together our curated lash kits, featuring our absolute best-sellers. Some of our kits also include accessories like magnetic liquid eyeliner, eyelash curlers are scissors so you can cut them down to the perfect size for your eyelids. If none of them suit your style, you can put together your own mink eyelash kit using our build your own lash kit tool. As well as letting you put together a hand-picked selection of lashes, it also saves you money if you buy more than three items. There's a huge saving of 35% if you choose 18 or more items, too.

Or Try Our Magnetic Mink Lashes without Real Fur
If you're not into the idea of wearing pure mink on your eyes, our faux mink magnetic lashes are the next best thing. Designed to act just like real fur—but totally suitable for vegans—these eyelashes add lightweight volume and look really natural. Choose from eye-popping lashes that add extreme length or go for something a little more subtle to amp up every day looks. Can't choose just one? Our All Vegan lash kits are the perfect starting point.