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Collection: Monolid Eye Lashes

Add Volume to Your Naturally Beautiful Monolid Eyes with Our Magnetic Lashes

Looking for the best false lashes for monolid eyes? We got you, girl. Designed to add volume and flatter your natural beauty, this hand-picked collection is packed with our favorite lashes for monolid eyes. Whether you're looking for something subtle for every day or dramatic for a special occasion, get ready to find your new fav monolid magnetic lashes.

Do I Have Monolid Eyes?

There's just one question you need to ask yourself if you're unsure whether you have monolid eyes, and that's "does my eyelid have a crease?" If the answer is no, then congrats: you have monolid eyes! They're a common feature for people with East Asian heritage, and they're absolutely beautiful —especially with a bit of smoky makeup. If you do have a visible crease, you have a different eye shape. Check out our collections of magnetic lashes for almond eyes, deep set eyes and hooded eyes

What Type of Lashes Suit Monolid Eyes?

People with monolid eyes tend to have short and straight lashes, so when it comes to falsies it's best to stick to short and medium lengths for a more natural look. Because of your eye shape, they'll look really long without appearing fake. So, rather than going for a longer length, we recommend focusing on fuller volume. Thick lashes will make a huge difference to your face, so break them out when it's a special occasion. For day-to-day wear, go for a short and wispy style. Subtle enough to fly under the radar, but statement enough to add the 'wow' factor.

Short and Medium Lashes in a Range of Shapes

We've already said that the best lashes for monolid eyes are short and medium in length, but what about shape? One of the most flattering magnetic lash shapes for you will be our cat eye lashes. These are gently tapered, with longer lashes on the outside of the eye and shorter ones on the inside. Even the short styles can make a huge difference, working to lengthen the eye and emphasize its natural shape. Round lashes can look really full because each strand is the same length, and they can work to give your eyes a wide awake look. Finally, there are wispy lashes which have varying lengths to create a dramatic impact.

Faux and Genuine Mink Lashes for Monolid Eyes

Glamnetic magnetic lashes look so beautiful because they're carefully crafted from the most sought-after materials. Choose from pure mink lashes made from real fur or go for our vegan selection which uses high quality synthetic fibers. All of them are lightweight, silky and soft so they're easy to wear all day. Plus they give you the perfect flutter. We have classic black styles that are versatile enough for the office as well as the weekend. When you really want to make a statement, our trailblazing colorful magnetic lashes are made from real mink dyed in rainbow-bright shades.

With so many length, volume and color options to choose from, we truly believe we have the best lashes for monolid eyes. Get ready to hear "omg are those real?"