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    Medium Cat Eye (7mm-13mm)

    Medium Cat Eye (7mm-13mm)

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Collection: Medium Length

Keep Dramatic Looks On-Point with Medium Magnetic Eyelashes
High drama is too much, no drama is too little, but medium drama? Just right. Our medium magnetic eyelashes are great for those days when you want to go a little more bold than au-natural, but don't want to go too wild. If you're looking for the perfect lashes for dinner parties, date nights and adding extra glamour to everyday looks, you're in the right place.

Choose Colored Magnetic Lashes to Match Your Mood
Our black eyelashes are perfect for enhancing what nature gave you. Choose from natural looking round lashes or go a little more bold with cat-eye styles. Some of our favorite include Vogue, with big bold clumps, and Vixen with its wispier look. Want to go a little more bold? Try our colored magnetic lashes. Made from pure mink, and dyed with a non-fading pigment, they'll instantly amp up your looks. We love them for raves, or just adding a funky little twist to everyday make-up looks. Our medium colored lashes include Eccentric in teal and purple, as well as EcstasyX in magenta. Fierce.

Pure Mink or Vegan-Friendly Medium Magnetic Eyelashes? We Got You
Only the best for you, boo. Our medium magnetic lashes are made from the best quality materials. Our magnetic mink lashes are made from pure, premium mink hair. Lightweight, soft and fluttery, this all-natural style is a favorite of celebs and influencers. Some of our medium-length mink lashes include Lust and Luxe lashes. If you'd rather keep it faux, we have faux-mink magnetic lashes made from the finest synthetic fibers. Designed to look and feel like the real thing, they're ideal for vegans or people with allergies. Medium magnetic lashes include Verified and Viral.

Round, Wispy or Cat Eye? Medium Magnetic Lashes in Every Shape
Our medium magnetic eyelashes come in a few different shapes, and each one can have a different effect on your look. Our round lashes are the same length all the way around, giving a simple and natural look. Lust is a great example of a medium-length round lash. Wispy lashes, like Vixen, have alternating lengths for a dramatic and flirty look. Finally our cat eye lashes, like Lucky, are short lashes at one end and long at the other. This gives your eyes an almond appearance and complements eyeliner flicks perfectly.

Long-Lasting Medium Magnetic Eyelashes
Our lashes are made to last. They have magnets on the band, which stick securely to our magnetic eyeliner. Apply two layers — either on its own or over your favorite liner — and then gently place the medium magnetic lash of your choice over the top. You should feel the magnets attract to the magnetic particles. Wind and waterproof, they'll stay in place for as long as you need them to. And, because there's no gunky glue, they'll last up to 40 wears. The best way to care for them is to store them in their magnetic case when you're not using them, and apply them with tweezers. Want to get more from them? Check out our tailor-made lash accessories designed just for applying and styling your Glamnetics.