Fantastic Four Eyelash Kit

How To Apply

1. Line

2. Lash

3. You are done! No glue, No mess.🔥

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Glamnetic vs regular strip lashes?

Us vs Them

Reusable 40+ Wears
Price Per Wear
6 Magnets / Max Hold
Easy To Remove
1-Minute Application
Eyelash Extensions
Strip Lashes

How can I make sure that the Glamnetic lashes fit my eye shape?

We offer a variety of lash styles with varying thickness and length. There are 6 small magnets on each of them capable of being cut down to fit any eye shape and size. Make sure no raw edges are at the edge of the lash after cutting

How can I decide which lash style is best for me?

We actually have a lash guide here, you can compare and decide which lash works best for you!

But if it's you're first time wearing magnetic lashes, we really recommend the Kit above, because you can't go wrong and it's perfect for any occasion.

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Yes it is 100% safe! Our eyes are important, and we want to take care of them. Adhesive lashes and mascara can be a pain to remove. If we're being honest, it can be fuss.. and challenge on some days. Using our magnetic lashes do not require glue and sticks right on our magnetized eyeliner. You can buy in confidence and use it with ease. Also, you aren't putting yourself at risk and your slaying the lash game!

How do I remove & clean my lashes?

Simply pull the false eyelash off and away from the eyelid. There will be no pulling of your natural eyelashes, but your Glamnetic lashes will be removed :) If you notice clumps from the eyeliner or mascara on the magnets, gently scratch it off with your nail on each of the magnets. To clean the liner off your eyelid use waterproof makeup remover, micellar water, or coconut oil.

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