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Marauder's Map™


Harry Potter™ PR Box

PR Box

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5 Minute Application

Salon Quality

Up to 2 Weeks Wear


If you're looking to add a little magic to your beauty routine, get ready to be spellbound by our new Harry Potter x Glamnetic collaboration! We are so thrilled to have partnered with the one-and-only Wizarding World to create an exclusive collection offering 8 house inspired, plus 2 Hogwarts inspired press-on nail designs. As if that wasn’t magical enough, this collection also features 4 collectable, must-have nail accessories that look like they came straight from Potions class. Thoughtfully designed for versatility, you don’t even need to be a Harry Potter superfan to adore this collection! 

Welcome back to Hogwarts:

❤️ Gryffindor
👣 Marauder’s Map (temperature-changing to reveal a hidden Marauder’s Map under warm water!)
💚 Slytherin
🐍 Parseltongue
💙 Ravenclaw
🌠 Luna Lovegood
💛 Hufflepuff
🏆 Golden Cup
🚂 Hogwarts
⚔️ Deathly Hallows
🔮 Adhesive Nail Tabs
🧹 Brush-On Nail Glue
⚗️ Press-On Nail Remover Potion
🪄 Crystal Glass Nail File Wand 

Get to know more about the Harry Potter x Glamnetic collection:

⚡ Features 10 spellbinding short almond & short oval press-on nails inspired by each Hogwarts house, plus notable characters and recognizable scenes

⚡ Additionally includes 4 mystifying, must-have nail add-ons inspired by the Wizarding World, while still giving you the most flawless at-home manicure

⚡ Comes with 30 inclusive nail sizes to find your perfect fit

⚡ Premium HD laser printed nails for unmatched precision you can’t get in the salon

⚡ Topped with a layer of UV coating, to achieve a premium and salon-quality finish

⚡ Up to 2 weeks wear time

⚡ 100% vegan and cruelty-free

⚡ Customizable with nail glue, alcohol pad, and a double-sided nail file included in the kit

Pairs Well With

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Short Round


Short Almond


How many nails are featured in this collection?

The Harry Potter x Glamnetic Press-On Nail collection includes 10 press-on nails. The collection features Short Almond and Short Oval styles.

What is the opacity & finish of the nails in the collection?

The opacity and finish of each nail can be seen below: 

  • SLYTHERIN:  Opaque, Glossy finish  
  • GRYFFINDOR: Opaque, Glossy finish  
  • LUNA LOVEGOOD: Opaque, Glossy Finish
  • MARAUDER’S MAP: Opaque, Glossy Finish
  • DEATHLY HALLOWS: Opaque, Glossy & Matte Finish 

  • RAVENCLAW: Semi-Translucent, Glossy Finish
  • HUFFLEPUFF: Semi-Translucent, Glossy Finish
  • GOLDEN CUP: Semi-Translucent, Glossy Finish
  • HOGWARTS: Semi-Translucent, Glossy Finish
  • PARSELTONGUE: Semi-Translucent, Glossy finish 

What makes Glamnetic press-on nails different from others?

Our press-on nails have an added UV finish, providing a glossy, shiny, and seamless finish. Our UV top coat is cured with UV light during manufacturing to maximize the press-on nail’s durability.

The UV finish acts as a protective coat, making it harder to chip or scratch the nails. Glamnetic Press-On Nails can last up to 2 weeks. Subjective based on lifestyle and application method, duration may vary from person to person.

Are the nails customizable?

Yes, you are welcome to customize your nails to your perfect fit!  You can clip, file/shape, paint, and apply stickers to your nails.

Are the nails vegan?

Yes, our press-on nails are vegan! 

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